Receiving a FW Flag – you can request a FW flag directly from the FairWarning website at [].  We will need your name, title, employer organization and an entity address to ship your flag directly to you!  Instructions will be included in the package delivered.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery to your location.

Snapping Photos with the FW Flag – once you receive your FW flag, we’d love to see a photograph of your adventures.  Please use caution and common sense in choosing the location for your photograph.  Do not put yourself (or the photographer!) in danger.  Photographing the FW flag in an obscene or offensive manner is strictly prohibited.

Submitting Your Photograph to FairWarning – once you return from your adventure, you can upload your photograph to FW at [].  During the submission process, you will be asked to sign a waiver to all ownership rights to the photograph.  By submitting the photograph to FW, you are certifying that you have the authority to waive any ownership interest of all persons included in the photograph.

FairWarning’s Use of Your Photograph – Once we receive your photograph, FairWarning may edit it for fit and presentation before publishing it on the Customer Flag Program section of our website, which celebrates our Customers taking the FW flag around the world on their adventures.  We reserve the right to not publish any photograph we find not suitable for publication.

Your Use of the Photograph – FairWarning will retain all ownership rights all images you submit.   Unless we notify you of our objection to the contents of the photograph, you are free to publish it on your personal social media accounts or on the media locations of your employer who is a FairWarning customer.

Thanks for your interest in helping us celebrate our customer’s partnership with FairWarning and their personal adventures around the globe.  You may keep the FW flag as a small token of our appreciation.