Inspired by Our Customers: FairWarning Year in Review for 2018 — and Vision for 2019

January 28, 2019 Christina Lembo

Customer success is a huge focus for us at FairWarning. Because of that, we are excited to continue making major, 10x improvements in 2019, aimed at delivering more value than ever before for our customers.

To effectively grow as an organization, we must also take the time to reflect, review, and celebrate our accomplishments from the past year. As we wrap up that exercise of looking back at 2018, we wanted to share a few of the most notable successes – as well as what you can expect from us in 2019.

As you plan your organization’s future data privacy and security initiatives, we believe it’s important to know where your partners are planning to invest and prioritize.

Notable Numbers for 2018 – Inspired by our Customers

Prior to announcing the $60 million equity investment with Mainsail Partners, we conducted customer-wide surveys to listen and take action on what customers want. Many of these accomplishments came directly from customer feedback. (And if you’re eager to see where we’re going in 2019 and beyond, you can skip right to that part now).

Healthcare Providers Reveal No. 1 Patient Privacy Monitoring Solution

#1 Patient Privacy Monitoring Solution

Black Book Research awarded FairWarning the top award for protecting patient privacy. Their published methodology involves surveying 2,464 cybersecurity professionals without vendor involvement or influence.

Cloud Security Growth

62% Increase in Cloud Security Customers

Organizations continue to adopt our technology around the world to protect mission-critical cloud applications, like Salesforce, Office 365, and others. It’s fast, affordable, and designed for business-minded people.

21 5-Star Reviews on AppExchange

We love this forum for customer feedback about FairWarning for Salesforce. It’s transparent, listing each reviewer’s organization and name. We can’t fake the reviews; they’re earned through hard work, delivering on promises, and obsessing about customer success – every time.

Reduction of false positives with machine learning

100% Elimination of False Positives

Due to workloads and day-to-day responsibilities, our customers asked for more time back in their day. We’re committed to finding areas to improve so they can spend less time monitoring and more time with employees and patients. Last year, we introduced Machine Learning technology, which has helped our healthcare customers save time by reducing or eliminating false positives and detect more advanced, abnormal user access. Customers using the technology have reported false positive reduction of as high as 70 percent (and, in some cases, all the way up to 100 percent elimination). This allows customers to improve their compliance and privacy programs and grow trust by offering greater protections for their patient’s data

100% Increase in Managed Privacy Services Adoption

More and more health systems added Managed Privacy Services in 2018 to help bolster their privacy and security teams in the face of skill shortages or unexpected staff vacancies. The added support has allowed healthcare organizations to improve the effectiveness, sustainability, and governance of their patient privacy programs.

92% Increase in SaaS Adoption

As organizations’ internal infrastructures evolve,  more customers are choosing FairWarning SaaS to save money, adopt flexible storage options, strengthen disaster recovery, and enjoy seamless upgrades that align with their future business requirements.

FairWarning user groups

16 Regional User Groups

Over 200 professionals across 113 customer health systems enjoyed personally connecting with each other, sharing best practices, and learning how to better protect their patients’ privacy at our regional User Groups. Thanks to the popularity of our User Groups in 2018, we’ve expanded our 2019 program to several new locations.

52 New FairWarning Ready Certified Professionals

The FairWarning Ready Class of 2018 joins a network of over 500 certified professionals. What drove such great attendance in 2018? The added convenience of online training, as well as specific curriculum built out for each major EHR vendor (Epic, Cerner, and Meditech).

1,300 Best Practice Registrations

Even for those who did not get certified, over 1,300 professionals attended our monthly, no-cost best practice training webinars to advance their skills and help better protect patient privacy and data security.

9 New FairWarning Ready Strategic Partnerships

The FairWarning Ready ecosystem continues to expand. In addition to our newest strategic partners — Privacy Pro, Compliance 360, SailPoint, Pyxis, and Splunk — we added 25 new production applications for user activity monitoring. Customers benefit from faster and fewer resources to implement and the ability to share FairWarning data with other solutions for a defense-in-depth solution. Expect more partnerships to be announced in 2019.

Product updates and software releases

2 New Product Releases

With each release, we are committed to giving time back in our customers’ day. In 2018, we accomplished this primarily by eliminating false positives, avoiding duplicating documentation work, and allowing users to quickly evidence their governance and compliance posture. And, we introduced machine learning — which is what drove down all those false positives — and integrations with leading GRC and SIEM solutions into our platform.

Expanded Proactive Application Support

As our customer base continues to grow, we’re investing even more in proactive support monitoring at no additional cost to customers. To meet that need, we introduced our first international office in Ireland to stay at least five hours ahead of any support needs for our U.S. customers. This was one of the many investments we made to improve the overall customer support experience — stay tuned for the introduction of our Trust Site, which delivers greater transparency around support response times, integrity, and more.

7 New Products and Services Offerings

To help customers meet a range of needs, we introduced a more affordable enterprise SaaS option, multiple Managed Privacy Services offerings, online certification training, Master certification training, and most recently, drug diversion monitoring.

Metropolitan ministries food drive

41 New Team Members

To drive marketplace and customer growth, we needed internal growth. In 2018, we added several FairWarriors, including key leadership positions in Application Services, IT and Security, and Sales.

10,496 Items Donated

FairWarning’s generous team continues to give back. In fact, we demolished yet another donation record with our annual food drive to the local charity Metropolitan Ministries, which supports the homeless or those in danger of becoming homeless. With 10,496 items donated (and a little departmental competition to win the mantle of “most items donated”), we more than doubled our efforts from 2017.

What to expect in 2019?

2019 will be another exciting year. What do we plan on spending our time on?

More Customer Engagement  

During last year’s User Groups, training, and onsite visits, our customers enjoyed connecting with other professionals and our teams in person. To help our customers do more of that, we’ll be expanding our popular regional User Group program, providing new ways for our customers to share their Success Stories, and create new opportunities for users to learn even more from one another about how to get the most value possible from their FairWarning investments and solutions.

More Platform Enhancements

Speaking of products and services, our teams remain committed to giving time back to our customers through new technology and formal partnerships like FairWarning Ready. You’ll see more ways to identify abnormal user activity behavioral patterns using AI and machine learning, integrations of new audit data and sources to more easily understand the clinical context and relationships of access, and improvements to the platform’s overall ease of use and navigation. Helping guide new and existing users is a top initiative for our teams.

More Offerings

Expect to see more options for helping you protect your mission-critical applications, satisfy relevant regulatory requirements, and serve the people who rely on this information.

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