Breaking Down Barriers with Virgin Strive 2018

September 7, 2018 Christina Lembo

After months of training, I’ve finally embarked on the 2018 Virgin Strive Challenge.

With an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends , I’ve become very inspired this year to support the Big Change and to push myself to new levels both mentally and physically.

Today we finished leg one. Over the last few days in Sardinia, we have biked over 255 miles and have climbed 20,000 feet of vertical elevation. The people I’ve met and connected with during this leg are incredible – most of them are entrepreneurs and generally people who are always looking to push their boundaries – so the energy is infectious.

Now, we are about to embark on the greatest physical activity of the challenge. We have moved to Corsica where we will climb 95 miles on a bicycle in one day, which will take about 12 to 14 hours. Climbing 6,000 or 7,000 feet in a single day has already been tough enough so wrapping my head around the next leg we are about to embark on is exciting and will also be a true test of will.

I find myself relating this experience back to business. When businesses are trying to break down boundaries to reach new heights, they are often faced with really big challenges.

It’s easy to ignore these challenges and say “we are going to do it another time” or you can even attempt the easy parts of the challenge and not address the meatiest part. But there’s no getting around the hard parts of the physical climb we are about to attempt. These physical events make you complete the journey, and face the challenge, to do things that you never thought were possible.

Tomorrow morning we are going to wake up at 5:30 AM and hit the road on our bikes and we probably won’t stop till 8 PM tomorrow night. If I were to put my money on it, I think every person will cross the finish line whether it takes all day or all night.

Either way, we are going to face the challenge head on, together.

Thank you for all of the support back home in the U.S.  You can follow us on our journey Here.


Kurt J. Long
Founder, FairWarning

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