FairWarning’s Vision Unites Our Team

December 4, 2015 Christina Lembo

FairWarning's Vision Unites Our Team

FairWarning’s Vision by Founder Kurt J. Long

At FairWarning everything starts with our end vision in mind.  Every service we offer, product we build, webinar, educational marketing piece, new hire, training session, people policy, and even our values are directed toward unifying FairWarning team members toward our vision.  And everyone is a team member, not an “employee”, because we are all working together toward the same aim.

Our vision is pretty simple – FairWarning together with our customers envisions a healthcare industry in which patients confidentially share their medical information to receive the best care possible from their care provider.  We think this vision makes a difference in the world and gives us all purpose to come in everyday “on top of our professional game”.  From my perspective as the Founder and CEO, it has been easy to communicate the vision to our team and to new hires because we are all patients.   People that “get it” want very much to work at FairWarning and know we have a special situation because we have the privilege of working on something we believe in.  Maybe this is why we have been a Top Work Place 3 years in a row and have been the highest ranked software company in Tampa Bay each of those years.

To validate our vision matters, FairWarning ran patient surveys all over the world; the United StatesCanadaFranceAustraliaand the United Kingdom which measured patients’ sensitivity to privacy when they had sensitive medical conditions.  Around the world the results were about the same, patients postpone care over privacy concerns, they drive outside of their community for privacy, they withhold information about their condition, and more.  At FairWarning we believe we are in the “Trust” business, we deeply believe our jobs are to play an active, meaningful role in retaining and growing trust between our care provider customers and patients.  FairWarning thinks this is a pretty big deal, and at least for myself, I am excited to play a part of the vision.

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