Advanced Analytics & Filtering with Identity Intelligence

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For the first time, FairWarning is enabling customers to automatically correlate identity information from Active Directory, Lawson, PeopleSoft, WorkDay and other identity management applications into advanced analytics and filtering. Based on patented technology, FairWarning's built-in identity intelligence engine centralizes user information from these authoritative data sources to build a master user profile or source of truth for user information. By automating the correlation of such detailed user information into accurate, centralized user profiles, FairWarning empowers customers to run more advanced security and governance analytics, filtering and workflows. Cleaner identities mean better analytics, statistics, trending and reporting because there is more certainty about the true identity and uniqueness of users. Name Address SSN Application Logs DOB Enable Identity-Aware Security Analytics, Filtering, and Workflows Drive Contextual, Data-Driven Decisions with the Unification of Detailed User Information Leverage Enhanced Authentication, Authorization and User Management For more information, please visit | 727-576-6700 | © Copyright 2004-2019 FairWarning, Inc. | All rights reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. Advanced Analytics & Filtering with Identity Intelligence

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