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Columbus Regional Health Creates Enterprise-Wide Auditing With a Flexible Solution for All Users

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Solution The team was very impressed with what the FairWarning solution could do from enterprise-wide perspective. They were impressed with the FairWarning team and the genuine interest in wanting to work with CRH to learn more, do more, and improve the solutions to help CRH meet their goals. "Their enthusiasm about being flexible and coming together as one team to give CRH what we wanted, brainstorming about solutions and options – our staff was very impressed." The top reasons the FairWarning solution was chosen? "An enterprise- wide solution, the teaming with our organization to meet goals and better solutions, and bringing all the different auditing systems and sources together." Implementation Experience CRH started with FairWarning implementation by identifying the top five biggest clinical systems. CRH decided the initial use of the FairWarning solution output would be in addressing complaint calls. The CRH team for FairWarning consisted of an Implementation Analyst with a clinical background from the IT department as a dedicated Project Manager during implementation, the CIO and CCO as Executive Sponsors, and a Systems Analyst who continues work today with the Security Officer to help validate and translate between the system and the audit results. FairWarning reports automated previously routine security and privacy activities and provided fact-based data upon which to build a structured privacy program. The CRH security, privacy, and technology team reviewed the facts presented through FairWarning reports and identified what they suspected was a common violation, self-examinations and family snooping. "Previously, we had this policy 'defined' but had no data, no way of knowing, where and what we were going to have to follow up with. People weren't following the education of CRH's HIPAA- based privacy policies. Now we easily have supporting documentation to take disciplinary actions through HR." With members from security, privacy, and technology and now human resources, CRH began implementing a solution – an educational program for everyone in the workforce – and appropriate escalation procedures with HR and at the departmental level. "We are bringing the crime to us," joked the CRH Systems Analyst as the team was – for the first time – able to rely on and analyze fact-based enterprise-wide data via the FairWarning solution. In addition to facts and enterprise-wide data, saved time was a relief. "When I do research for an investigation, I no longer have to know five different systems and go to five different places to get it. I do a FairWarning Global Search and get what I need. That is a big time saver." Results Since April 2009, 1,700 CRH employees have been through a new educational program started by leaders from security, privacy, technology, and HR. CRH Security and Privacy routinely monitor the audit results, and in the first few weeks, "We are seeing that some folks didn't get it. We've already seen around a dozen incidents." CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY Columbus Regional Hospital "Before I had to go to a different audit system and on different applications even the same vendor has different independent audit systems. FairWarning brought it all together in one." - Audrey Tyree, Columbus Regional Hospital Security Officer ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®

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