Save Time by Eliminating False Positives

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Dealing with false positives can consume precious resources – but are they a necessary evil if you want to catch all possible privacy incidents? Not necessarily. FairWarning customers have found that layering Behavioral Correlations with patented, machine learning-based technology can help them eliminate false positives entirely, giving you time back in your day to focus on additional aspects of your privacy and compliance program – and reducing your overall risk. By using Behavioral Correlations in combination with Machine Learning, you can… Get time back in your day to focus on additional areas of your privacy program. Expand your privacy program to monitor for more enforced policies, thanks to the decreased workload from fewer false positives. Gain peace of mind knowing the alerts generated by FairWarning are true privacy risks/incidents. Maintain your existing end-user workflow (all technology is included in the Patient Privacy Intelligence platform you're used to). Save Time by Eliminating False Positives Enforced Policies Machine Learning reduction in remaining alerts reduction in alerts to review Next, Behavioral Correlations dismiss alerts that are determined to be business-related (e.g., user is a part of the patient's care team). Finally, Machine Learning dismisses remaining alerts based on how end users have handled similar alerts in the past. This can bring you all the way to ZERO false positives, depending on your risk tolerance. First, Enforced Policies generate alerts when FairWarning detects suspicious or potentially inappropriate behaviors in your EHR and clinical applications. Data is loaded from your EHR/clinical/other applications into FairWarning Machine Learning algorithm learns from your end users' actions on alerts for continuing accuracy on dismissing false positives. End user reviews remaining alerts How Do I Get Started? See the next page for more details about prerequisites, or to start eliminating your false positives today, contact your Customer Success Manager at or open a case in the FairWarning Community. 40% - 70% 15% - 100% Behavioral Correlations

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