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Total Visibility Across Your Epic Instance How FairWarning Proactively Monitors Epic Care Everywhere, Epic Community Connect, and EpicCare Link For nearly a decade, FairWarning ® and Epic have worked together to continuously improve the way that event logs are extracted for our customers. For more information, please visit | 727-576-6700 | © Copyright 2004-2018 FairWarning | All rights reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. What FairWarning Monitors Epic Care Everywhere Share ePHI with external organizations through a standard format of information exchange (e.g., when a patient changes providers or receives emergency care outside their normal network). Epic Community Connect Extend your Epic integration with smaller healthcare organizations that might not be able to afford Epic (e.g., community hospitals, doctors' offices, and other affiliated providers). EpicCare Link Connect with specific patient information and send electronic referrals in the Epic data repository through a secure, read-only tool (e.g., hospitalizations, ER visits, referrals). Events are generated in Epic's core system, Chronicles, and moved nightly to Clarity, a relational database with reporting capabilities Any queries run against the event log data are also run against Clarity data, in order to maintain the high performance of the production system. The events that are related to users accessing patients are also added to a summary called the "Epic Access Log" Epic customers can obtain an Epic Access Log Script from their Epic Repository that will pull these daily events into a pipe-delimited flat file that can be delivered to their FairWarning instance via SCP or SFTP Clarity For a full list of the fields received or to get started, see the Epic 2015-2018 Customer Instructions, available from your FairWarning Software Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager. Included in the standard Epic audit log solution FairWarning uses to monitor EHR user access and activity:

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