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How FairWarning Fulfills on HIPAA

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24 Does the entity have policies and procedures in place to perform peri- MPS during the policy review looks at odic reviews and updates to Security Rule policies and procedures? the policy on policies and how often poli- Obtain and review policies and procedures regarding documentation cies have to be reviewed/updated. We reviews and updates. verify there is a process in place and the reviews and updates are documented. Obtain and review documents demonstrating that policies and procedures Additionially, MPS follows the industry are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis. Evaluate and determine if and federal regulations and notifies such implementation is in accordance with related policies and procedures. customers when information changes Partial or Full Partial FairWarning Mapping MPS §164.316(b)(2)(iii): Review documen- Documenta- tation periodically, and update as tion – Updates needed, in response to environmental or operational changes affecting the security of the electronic protected health information. §164.316(b) (2) (iii)

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