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For more information, please visit | 727-576-6700 | © Copyright 2004-2020 FairWarning | All rights reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. Streamline Security with FairWarning + SIEM Integration Layer your security tools for coordinated monitoring and key proactive security insights. PERIMETER SECURITY NETWORK SECURITY ENDPOINT SECURITY APPLICATION SECURITY PEOPLE DATA MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY FairWarning User Activity Monitoring SIEM Data Exports Security and Privacy Policy Violations Permission Changes Simultaneous Logins Employee or Co-worker Snooping User Creation/Deletion Privileged User Abuse Failed Logins Exceeding Thresholds Departing Employees Deceased or Discharged Patient Access Use Cases FairWarning + SIEMs Solve Together Do you know who's handling your sensitive data? If your organization uses a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool to gain visibility into data management and network activities, you may not be getting the full picture. FairWarning's User Activity Monitoring platform works at the application layer to go above and beyond what a SIEM provides. Through integration, FairWarning shares information with SIEM tools to provide comprehensive insights and enable coordinated threat prevention and response at every layer of security – endpoints, networks, and more. With FairWarning, you can close security gaps that could lead to a data breach all while viewing the information from every layer in one, convenient dashboard view. Ability to perform end-to-end investigations across entire system architecture and all layers Earlier security threat detection through statistical trend analysis Lower overall costs of operation Greater ROI on both tools + SIEM integration Benefits of How Integration Works As FairWarning discovers potential security threats, we pass along the User ID, IP address, and other identifying information to SIEM systems. This discovery and communication empowers you to make contextual and efficient decisions on how to respond to and eliminate threats, which would be time-consuming and extremely difficult to do with a SIEM alone. Creates enterprise view of security and privacy monitoring Integrates with all major SIEM systems and vendors Shares alert data with SIEM tools

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