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For more information, please visit | 727-576-6700 | © Copyright 2004-2020 FairWarning | All rights reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. Monitor COVID-19 Activity with FairWarning The COVID-19 Dashboard The Dashboard provides a high-level view that makes it easier for privacy, security, and compliance professionals to manage COVID-19 patients. It provides a way to summarize risks at a glance. You can customize which reports to include, and can configure the dashboard to show the top or bottom spectrum of a given report. For instance, Departments Accessing Protected Patients is interesting at both ends – scanning both the high end and the low (but not zero) end of the list for departments who should not be accessing these patients at all. This dashboard and custom combination of reports gives providers the insight they need to safeguard the data of affected patients, preventing both HIPAA and policy violations that may lead to a potentially catastrophic breach. The Protected List, new reports, and COVID-19 Dashboard are available now as part of Patient Privacy Intelligence at no additional charge, which leverages AI and rules to provide visibility into impermissible behavior and streamline workflows by monitoring all user activity. FairWarning will continue to enhance these capabilities to meet the needs of healthcare providers as the impact of COVID-19 continues to grow and change. Request a demo Top 10 Departments accessing Protected List Top 10 Protected Patients accessed* Top 10 Users accessing the Protected List* Users Accessing deceased Protected Patients Departments with Low Protected Patients accessed Users accessing the least amount of Protected Patients Protected Patients accessed by the least amount of Users Deceased Protected Patient Count – 7 Days past deceased Discharged Protected Patients – 7 days discharged *High priority

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