LendingPoint Solves PCI Compliance and Gains Actionable Insight From Event Monitoring Files

Finding an efficient way to maintain PCI compliance helps this loan provider focus more energy on managing customer relationships.

Making Sense of Massive Volumes of Salesforce Data. 

LendingPoint provides consumer loans to the near-prime market. The financial industry is highly regulated and heavily scrutinized, placing companies like LendingPoint under constant pressure to maintain compliance — particularly PCI compliance.

LendingPoint needed help in leveraging the massive amount of data generated by Salesforce, both for CRM and as an aid in maintaining compliance. The raw Salesforce data was simply too difficult to use. LendingPoint’s team investigated several vendors and selected FairWarning to help put that data to use.

Why FairWarning? In part, the team found FairWarning’s compliance certifications to be clearly superior to competitors, and were impressed by the names found on FairWarning’s customer list.

The result? The nightmarish task of translating and interpreting the Salesforce data was eliminated. FairWarning’s visualizations and monitoring/alerting capabilities keep the LendingPoint team in control, with just minutes per day spent in oversight.

The Results

  • Transforms Salesforce Data from Indecipherable to Actionable
  • ‘Magic Button’ Forensics Capability
  • Enhanced PCI Compliance Capability
  • Massive Time Savings
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