Solving Shadow IT: Information Security and Governance Strategies

May 11, 2016

Shadow IT.

It sounds rather sinister. Ominous. Threatening. And indeed, shadow IT can be all those things—especially for healthcare organizations.

In essence, anybody with internet access and a credit card can become their own IT department. That’s what modern technology enables. That’s shadow IT. And it’s happening in your organization.

In fact, 80% of all employees admit to using non-approved SaaS applications

But what does that mean for your organization?


In this webinar, Gene Fredriksen, the Chief Information Security Officer for PSCU, sheds some light on this shadowy topic. He defines the many different forms that shadow IT might take within your organization. He talks about the risks of shadow IT, and the many ways in which shadow IT might impact organizations.

And he talks about the “death spiral” that shadow IT induces in many organizations’ IT departments.

(Yes, “death spiral” might seem a sensationalistic term. But Gene explains why the term quite accurately describes the all-too-real predicament facing healthcare IT departments—all because of shadow IT.)

Shadow IT often arises as the result of a clash between business unit perspectives and IT department. In many organizations, a rather deep chasm eventually develops, separating business objectives from IT department objectives. Gene explains why that happens, how it happens, and how healthcare organizations can take steps to minimize this problem.

Gene also explains how the role of IT must evolve in minimizing shadow IT. He reveals some monitoring and control strategies you can implement to counter the negative impacts of shadow IT. And finally, Gene discusses the HUGE changes coming soon for IT departments. 

Also in this webinar, FairWarning’s CEO and Founder Kurt Long describes how tools like FairWarning for Salesforce can be used to minimize the impact of shadow IT. And though the cloud serves as a prime enabler of shadow IT, the potential negative impacts of the cloud can easily be tamed. Kurt explains why cloud security doesn’t have to be a science project.

  • Viewers of this webinar will learn about:
  • The definition of shadow IT
  • Business unit & IT perspectives
  • Establishing policies and communication
  • Discovering & prioritizing risk
  • Application security intelligence

Though shadow IT sounds sinister and threatening—and can impact your organization quite negatively — there’s a silver lining to this cloud. Because when properly managed, shadow IT can offer some rather startling benefits. Viewers of this webinar will learn how to avoid the negative consequences of shadow IT and benefit from the potential positives.

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