Review of Recent Accomplishments for our Customers and What is to Come

The theme of FairWarning’s work for our customers over the last years, including 2017 and 2018 to come, is to gain time for our customers in their busy days while increasing service levels, improving the effectiveness of our solutions, and continually increasing the affordability of our offerings.

FairWarning customers continue to be under pressure to do more with less with their compliance, privacy and security investments without compromising quality. FairWarning is uniquely positioned to deliver for them due to the scale of our business which empowers continuous investment and innovation. Our culture which we call the “FairWarning Way” is based on our customer-centric philosophy, and most importantly, our solutions and implementation methodology which have been proven time & time again with customers of the very largest scale and sophistication around the world.

Key to efficient use of our offerings are no-cost and low-cost training options for our customers, advanced training options, and communities of interests in which customers exchange best practices as well as gain access to solution experts within FairWarning.

Our goals for 2018 include producing “power users” around the world for our Healthcare and Cloud offerings enabling greater support for our customers and increased creative problem solving involving our solutions

2017 Review and a Glimpse of 2018

  • Successfully introduced FairWarning Ready Online Certification Training eliminating the time and expense of travel for our customers. The offering is an immediate success and will expand in 2018
  • Expanded our FairWarning Ready Certification Training to include a “Masters” option and an “Architecture” offering which will be conducted on-site at FairWarning in April, June of 2018. These programs create more product power users for our customers and in the market-place
  • Launched FairWarning User Groups across the nation which were highly successful and will expand in 2018. Our first of 2018 was conducted in January with Memorial Health System of Florida as the host. There are user groups planned for the rest of the year
  • Launched Customer Councils which are a collection of like-minded professionals providing specific feedback on all areas of our solutions and products. Over 75 professionals participated in the 2017 councils, and we will continue this program in 2018, adding an “Academic and Research” as well as “Enterprise” customer council
  • Expanded and refined free-of-charge “FairWarning Best Practice” online training sessions which cover a vital topic each month
  • Successfully rolled out “Intelligent Filtering” which dramatically reduces false positives for our customers. The offering was delivered to all of our customers, the only exceptions being those who have internal change control policies before we deliver. This offering is available under our blanket support and service offering at no additional charge
  • Successfully rolled out “Automated Incident Response” which automatically runs known steps in a customers’ incident response procedures dramatically reducing manual efforts when a suspected incident is discovered. The offering was delivered to all our customers, the only exceptions being those who have internal change control policies before delivery. This offering is available under our blanket support and service offering at no additional charge.
  • Expanded Cloud application security support through a highly successful partnership originally with Salesforce Health cloud, the offering has now expanded to protecting Office 365, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and others. Banks, Financial Services and healthcare companies around the world have adopted this FairWarning holds a USPTO issued patent on this technology
  • The successful introduction of “Identity Intelligence” over 2016 and 2017 which performs stronger correlation of user identities across customer applications when a full user identity management system is not present. Identity Intelligence increases the effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions. FairWarning holds a USPTO issued patent on this technology
  • Persons of Interest was successfully added to the FairWarning platform and deployed with care providers of all sizes. Persons of Interests automatically maintains a list of high-profile persons from around the world and compares the list daily to admitted patients and alerts the FairWarning customer
  • We continue to harden FairWarning’s security posture beyond HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 as FairWarning has now been vetted and deployed with the largest healthcare providers in the United States and globally, with banks in four countries as well as financial services companies around the world. We initiated a relationship with HITRUST to expand our healthcare security and compliance investments in 2018
  • Beginning in 2014 through 2017, in 2018 FairWarning will continue to invest in “proactive service level monitoring” which includes:
    • Data Integrity Monitoring and self-healing systems
    • Proactive notification of missing or errant data to our customers
    • Proactive service level monitoring, system availability, expanded service levels for our SaaS customers through major infrastructure investment
    • Automated backup and archival solutions ensuring greater recoverability in our data centers
  • Operated successful initiatives to reduce storage costs for our customers by leveraging our buying power and economies of scale, these savings are reflected in lower “per byte” pricing for customers. In 2018 we have active initiatives to drive down storage costs for our customers while increasing recoverability and service level times
  • FairWarning rolled out machine learning for false positive filtering as well as target data exfiltration use cases; this will continue into 2018
  • Finalizing the vision of “Automated Governance Dashboards” in which customers can seamlessly produce policy control attestation to internal and external auditors. Governance Dashboards has been in our solutions for five (5) years, but our customer councils felt we could enhance them to their needs.

Over the last years we have built support for largest enterprise accounts in the world through technology initiatives, hiring and training experts, specifically:

  • We operate product and solution initiatives internally aimed at gaining 10x performance in our software as well as in tuning third-party systems such as databases, storage, operating systems and other infrastructure elements
  • We hired a select number of senior customer staff so we can better understand our customer’s environments, we call them Subject Matter Experts and they work in our customer success and technology teams
  • Every member of our Managed Privacy Service team is required to achieve a third-party privacy or security certification, and in 2017 all team members reached this goal. In 2018, MPS team members will begin building toward “multi-certification” status
  • We have specific training requirements and development plans which develop a “shared context” between our customers and our staff – these are required for ALL FairWarning staff and is a 2018 initiative
  • Expanded our FairWarning Ready application team which interfaces with application vendors such as Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts, Athena, Salesforce, Office365, and others to ensure compatibility of FairWarning and third-party systems. We support nearly 400 applications overall
  • We will continue to automate the QA testing of our software to ensure we deliver the highest quality software possible
  • The largest for-profit health systems in the US, 8 of 10 Largest Not-for-Profits, 8 of 10 Largest Catholic Health Systems, the entire country of Scotland, 40% of US academic health systems.

FairWarning will continue our aggressive investments and innovations in large-scale customer success into 2018 and beyond. We have worked intensely to scale our culture of innovation and customer success with the growth of our business. We have more resources, experts, and customers than ever before to envision and execute on the future of privacy, security, and governance across healthcare, financial services and banking around the world.


Kurt J. Long

Founder, FairWarning

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