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If your organization collects or stores sensitive data in mission-critical cloud applications like Salesforce, then you need robust data security. However, choosing a solution isn’t always a straightforward process. Some companies want to build a custom solution, while others prefer the reliability and low overall costs of a turnkey, off-the-shelf option. So, which is right for you? This guide to building vs. buying cloud security software contains everything you need to make the best decision for your company – and secure a huge win for yourself.

Download the e-book “Build vs. Buy Cloud Security Software: 4 Must-Ask Questions During the Decision-Making Process” for:

  • How to calculate your ROI
  • The pros and cons of buying vs. building
  • 4 questions to ask when considering whether to buy or build
  • Important considerations (e.g., total cost of ownership) when considering a cloud security solution
  • A detailed checklist that helps you consider all angles during the build vs. buy decision-making process

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