FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

In this webinar, Cooper University Health Care describes how they defend against breaches, and how they use FairWarning to minimize the damage when breaches occur. Phil provides detail about the tools and technologies used to mitigate risk and rapidly respond to incidents.

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Executive Summary

Many healthcare organizations around the world rely upon Epic for managing their patient data. Cooper University Health Care, serving more than 1.4 million patients, is one such organization. Epic has served as Cooper’s primary EHR management system since 2009.

Cooper recognizes that the organization’s data is one of its most valuable assets—second-only to the value of Cooper’s employees. But keeping that data safe is quite the challenge. As Cooper’s CISO and CPO, Phil Curran, notes: “If people want access to your data, they will get it. It’s not a matter of if, but when.”

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In this webinar, Phil describes how Cooper defends against breaches, and how they use FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence to minimize the damage when breaches occur. Phil provides detail about the tools and technologies used to mitigate risk and rapidly respond to incidents.

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Phil’s experience at Cooper also raises an interesting question: How do cybercriminals view your healthcare organization? Have you considered it?

Phil talks about taking a hacker’s-eye view of your organization: looking from the outside-in to help find the weaknesses and points-of-vulnerability that hackers might exploit. This approach has led the Cooper team to implement defensive measures such as a strengthened password policy and multi-factor authorization for the remote access system.

Taking a hacker’s-eye view also led to implementing FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services. And that, in turn, led to a bit of a shock for the Cooper team. In Phil’s words: “Quite frankly, our staff wasn’t ready for what we found.” You’ll hear Phil’s detailed explanation in the webinar. You’ll also learn why Cooper decided to move CISO out of IT and into the compliance department—along with the challenges encountered in making that move, and the benefits that have resulted.

FairWarning’s Director of Managed Privacy Services, Chuck Burbank, discusses the value that FairWarning offers healthcare providers that use Epic to manage EHRs, including:

  • Meeting areas of enforcement (such as providing required incident notifications)
  • Real-time data analytics capabilities for Epic users
  • Actionable & demonstrable compliance (how you can prove compliance)
  • The most common FairWarning reports used in Epic environments

Chuck also provides a recap of 2016 OCR enforcement activity (It was a record-breaking year!), and discusses the bulletins published by OCR in 2016.

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FairWarning is compatible with more than 350 applications. And the information presented in this webinar is valuable for all healthcare organizations, regardless of the tools and applications used to manage EHRs. But for Epic users, particularly, this webinar clearly demonstrates why FairWarning’s Epic customer base has rapidly grown to include nearly 5,000 facilities, monitoring more than 1.2 million employees.

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