FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

Care Coordination Institute (CCI) helps care providers deliver better care at lower costs, while improving the health of populations. As CCI moved to the cloud, so did sensitive information such as PHI. Hear how CCI protects their data and meets regulatory requirements.

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Executive Summary

Many healthcare organizations rely upon Salesforce to help with customer relationship management. Salesforce, in fact, is the world’s most popular CRM platform. But healthcare organizations must do far more than simply manage their relationships with patients. They must also be very aggressive and proactive in protecting patient data. Salesforce Event Monitoring provides a wealth of raw data that can be used to monitor patient data security. But those event monitoring files are cryptic, confusing, and very difficult to read.

The Participants

In this webinar, Bredai Snyder, Delegated Oversight Program Manager, Care Coordination Institute (CCI), describes how CCI has benefited from leveraging Salesforce. Though CCI initially deployed it as simply a CRM tool, in only a few years Salesforce has become integral to the company’s success. CCI now uses Salesforce to:

  • Support 7,500 healthcare providers
  • Manage 150 patient investigations monthly
  • Manage multiple contracts
  • Manage hires and terminations

And, just like so many organizations around the world, Salesforce has helped CCI achieve astonishing levels of efficiency. Since deploying Salesforce and teaming it with FairWarning, CCI has reduced paper and manual processes by 85%! Brian Stone, FairWarning’s Director of Sales and Solution Services, also provides insights about the ways in which FairWarning works with Salesforce in protecting patient data.

FairWarning Teams Perfectly with Salesforce

FairWarning helps healthcare organizations around the world achieve astounding levels of effectiveness in monitoring and maintaining patient data privacy. But Bredai revealed that teaming Salesforce and FairWarning has helped CCI attain unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Before CCI deployed Salesforce and FairWarning, for example, the process of conducting patient investigations consumed hundreds of employee hours yearly. But now, investigations take only minutes.

For CCI, the teaming of Salesforce and FairWarning provided a leap in employee productivity. “Everybody got a large portion of their day back just by implementing Salesforce,” Bredai said, “and everybody got another large part of their day back by adding FairWarning for monitoring.”

And FairWarning also teams perfectly with Salesforce by protecting the sensitive data within Salesforce. Like most healthcare organizations, CCI must maintain HIPAA compliance. But CCI must also maintain FedRamp compliance (Bredai described FedRamp as a “souped-up HIPAA”). FairWarning helps with both.

Bredai describes the teaming of Salesforce and FairWarning as a “partner system.” She reveals why CCI chose FairWarning to an integral component of that ‘partner system,’ and details the benefits that CCI has enjoyed as a result. (You’ll likely be amazed when you learn how many employee hours FairWarning saves CCI just within its compliance staff. And the Q&A session in this webinar teased-out some great user tips from Bredai.)

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn how FairWarning helps healthcare organizations maximize the productivity and event monitoring benefits of the world’s best-selling CRM, Salesforce.