In this webinar, learn from privacy experts on how to create a sustainable HIPAA compliance program with Epic as your primary EHR. Speakers discussed why compliance and privacy matters and how it impacts patient decisions and outcomes and your organization’s reputation.

Sustainable HIPAA Compliance for User Activity Monitoring

FairWarning®’s solutions for patient privacy monitoring map directly to thirteen key requirements of the recently announced OCR HIPAA Audit Protocol requirements and influence many others, which are focused on both the management process and audit controls for applications containing PHI.

FairWarning Product Development shows you a product demonstration, including the compliance dashboard, privacy dashboard, robust collaborative investigations, OCR HIPAA Protocol, wide-scale support for FairWarning Ready and the analytics library.

Common Policies for an Epic Environment

  • Quick Reports
  • Activity Access Reports
  • Break the Glass Access
  • Co-worker and Employee Snooping Activity Reports
  • Neighbor Snooping Activity Report
  • Simultaneous Logins Activity Report
  • VIP Access Activity Report