FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

New threats to patient data have emerged — including global cybersecurity attacks and terrorism — while the existing threats of identity theft and fraud have grown to unprecedented levels. In this webinar, you will learn how about the latest technologies and best practices to help you protect your healthcare organization.

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Executive Summary

Patient data has always been a tempting target that has attracted a disproportionate share of bad actors seeking unauthorized access. In 2017, the range and intensity of threats facing the healthcare industry has reached historical highs.

New threats to patient data have emerged including global cybersecurity attacks and terrorism. While the existing threats of identity theft and fraud have grown to unprecedented levels.

The range of threats to healthcare organizations now includes:

  • Global cybersecurity attacks (more than ever in 2017)
  • Terrorism
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Drug addiction
  • HIPAA violations and OCR investigations

Many healthcare organizations are unprepared to face this onslaught of breach attempts.

And unfortunately, it’s quite common for an organization to first learn of a successful breach at about the same time the worldwide media learns of it. In a flash, that organization goes from not-so-blissfully unaware, to finding itself at the center of a global media frenzy.

Presenting a Clear Picture of the Current Threat Landscape

This webinar presents you with an opportunity to become up-to-the-minute familiar with the many current threats to your organization’s patient data.

You’ll learn how many long-standing threats have intensified. You’ll learn about the new threats that have recently developed, and that are rapidly growing in both occurrences and sophistication. And most importantly, you’ll also learn about the best state-of-the-art tools and processes for protecting your healthcare organization.

Topics discussed during this webinar include:

  • The new advanced threats to patient data
  • Implications of global cybersecurity attacks to your organization
  • Response tactics to global cybersecurity attacks
  • Implications of terror to patient data privacy
  • Response tactics to terror attacks
  • Implications of identity theft and fraud
  • Response tactics to identity theft and fraud
  • Utilizing technology and culture to drive threats out of your organization

The Participants

In this webinar, Shellie Zavatsky, Director of Internal Audit, Hurley Medical Center, shares her experience with an attack by the hacktivist group Anonymous. This incident was related to the Flint, Michigan water crisis that generated global headlines. (The same group simultaneously attacked Flint’s government databases. But thanks to FairWarning, Shellie’s organization learned of their breach weeks before city officials learned of theirs!)

Shellie also discusses the benefits and necessity of transforming an organization’s culture to become more security conscious.

Trent Long, FairWarning’s Director of Managed Privacy Services (MPS), details how MPS helps to protect healthcare organizations, aids in transforming organizational cultures, and works to minimize damage when breaches occur.

And FairWarning CEO Kurt J. Long offers his thoughts about the data security crisis facing healthcare organizations worldwide.

FairWarning’s Perspective Provides Unique Insights

FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services currently monitors more than half a million healthcare provider employees and affiliates globally. We review thousands of potential breach incidents monthly. And we’ve compiled a library of more than 5,000 confirmed privacy and security incidents.

This webinar provides a don’t-miss opportunity to develop a more thorough, up-to-date understanding of the current threats to patient data, and the best defenses for countering those threats.


Shellie Zavatsky

Director of Internal Audit
Hurley Medical Center

Trent Long

Director of Managed Privacy Services
FairWarning, Inc.