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FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

David Taber, the author of the Prentice Hall book, “Salesforce.com Secrets of Success,” and CEO of SalesLogistix, a certified Salesforce.com consultancy focused on business process improvement through use of CRM systems, discusses why an attorney may want access to your Salesforce data – and general tools for how you can protect your most sensitive data that’s stored in your cloud-based CRM systems.

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Executive Summary

An employee in your organization has stolen confidential information from your CRM. People damaged by that action have lawyered-up. And now you are being sued!

It’s a very unpleasant, but quite common occurrence. If it hasn’t happened to you, it could. How should you handle it?

While much of the data stored within your CRM may be harmless, some of the data can be quite damaging if it falls into the wrong hands. Most CRMs contain lots of proprietary and confidential information that must be carefully guarded

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Webinar Speaker

David Taber is the CEO of SalesLogistix and the Author of Salesforce.com Secrets of Success. David has implemented 125 Salesforce systems. In this webinar, David leverages his vast experience in helping you avoid that worst-case scenario: becoming the target of a lawsuit resulting from breached CRM data.

David provides tips about:

  •  Discovering improper CRM usage by employees
  • Learning who’s responsible for unauthorized system configuration changes
  • User actions that are likely to trigger accusations or lawsuits about:
    • Wrongful termination
    • Improper sales tactics or spamming
    • IP theft
    • Patent infringement
    • Investor relations
    • M&A “Earn-Out” agreements
    • System integrator non-performance (CRM project failure)

And if the worst happens, and you end up with a subpoena in your hand?

David walks the audience through the best processes and procedures for handling that event. David’s guidance includes tips for managing the mountains of data typically involved in discovery and navigating the discovery process.

Perhaps most importantly, David discusses tools that can be used for detecting and stopping breaches to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits. David also reveals the best-practice action steps you can implement to help prevent becoming the target of a lawsuit.

Also in this webinar, FairWarning Founder and CEO Kurt Long reveals his inspiration for founding FairWarning for Salesforce (The story begins with an FBI agent knocking on Kurt’s door!). Kurt discusses FairWarning’s patented forensic investigation tools.

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And Kurt details how FairWarning for Salesforce can be used to bolster application security intelligence for Salesforce by leveraging capabilities such as:

  • Monitoring of exports
  • Data integrity investigation of named objects
  • System admin monitoring
  • Multi-org support
  • Monitoring and investigating Sandbox orgs
  • Detecting unusual behavioral access patterns

The best defense against incurring painful judicial judgments lies in preventing the incidents that lead to lawsuits. But CRM data breaches do occur. Subpoenas are served. And lawsuits do happen.

This webinar provides excellent guidance for both reducing the likelihood of becoming the target of a lawsuit, and navigating your way through the process should the worst occur.

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Download the Webinar Presentation Slides



David Taber

CEO of SalesLogistix
Author, Salesforce.com Secrets of Success

Kurt J Long

Founder, FairWarning