FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

Salesforce Shield contains three main components to help you eliminate risks and improve ongoing compliance: Event Monitoring, Platform Encryption, and Field Audit Trail. But to unlock the full value of Shield, you must use each of the components to its fullest potential. Whether you’re already a Shield user or you’re looking at implementing it in your organization, how can you be sure that you’re leveraging the Salesforce security solution to its fullest?

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On the “Salesforce Shield Superbowl Webinar: Eliminate Risks and Maintain Compliance,” Salesforce strategic ISV partners FairWarning and RevCult revealed how to gain visibility into Salesforce user activity, how to access a decade’s worth of logs within minutes, and how encryption services can help you save time and prevent errors.

With enhanced insights into usage and adoption, Salesforce security helps financial services firms, banks, insurance companies, and other organizations boost security and learn valuable information about an organization’s Salesforce environment.

On the webinar replay of “Salesforce Shield Superbowl Webinar: Eliminate Risks and Maintain Compliance,” you’ll learn…

  • How the three components of Salesforce Shield work together to help your organization eliminate risks and maintain compliance with regulations and security frameworks like PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001.
  • The value strategic Salesforce ISV partners can offer for organizations seeking an off-the-shelf Salesforce security solution.
  • The number one use case for organizations seeking greater visibility into which users are accessing what data, when, and from where.
  • How to understand the complete value of your data with a forensic audit trail that goes up to 10 years in the past.
  • How to natively encrypt sensitive data without disrupting your workflow.

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Brian Olearczyk


Pete Thurston

Chief Product Officer