Build Trust with Data Privacy, Security, Compliance & Governance

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone — Partner with FairWarning for Data Privacy and Security Success


Comply with Regulations, Meet Security Frameworks

Monitor changes in Salesforce security and privacy configurations and map to key regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC, FCA, FINRA, SOX, and the NY Cybersecurity Rule to satisfy compliance requirements with FairWarning.


Monitor Privileged Users

Monitor and audit the activities of Salesforce users who have access to sensitive client details, financial data, proprietary information, and more with a consolidated view of profiles, permissions, and critical user actions.


Detect and Mitigate Insider Threats

Proactively monitor unusual Salesforce activity to prevent privileged insiders from stealing company data. FairWarning’s user behavior analytics track and analyze actions and trends to spot anomalies in real time and predict future behaviors across multiple orgs.

Happy FairWarning Customers Include

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Salesforce Value Add-On

FairWarning for Salesforce is one of the only platforms that allows you to monitor and visualize how your customers’ sensitive data is handled on demand.

Secure Data and Build Trust

FairWarning for Salesforce allows you to protect your sensitive data in the simplest way possible. Our dedication to finding and assessing every potential violation lowers your risk of a breach, establishes a culture of privacy, and builds trust.

Identify Risk in Real Time

As the only user activity monitoring to provide real-time insights on Salesforce user behavior, FairWarning helps you detect and mitigate suspicious activity as it's happening.

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Secure Your Cloud Data

Close Security Gaps

Streamline your security efforts with FairWarning's integration capabilities. The platform works with SIEM solutions to provide coordinated monitoring and key security insights. Integrating FairWarning can decrease overall costs and demand on security teams, increase threat detection capabilities, and enhance data security through user-centric monitoring.

Look Beyond Salesforce

Sensitive information is found in many cloud applications, not just Salesforce. FairWarning for Salesforce also monitors hundreds of other apps such as Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, giving you complete visibility across your cloud environment through a consolidated management hub.

Begin Your Trust-in-Depth Journey

This whitepaper walks you through trust in depth, why it matters to your organization, the four layers of data privacy necessary for trust, and more. Download "Trust in Depth: The Comprehensive Approach to Data Privacy" now.