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of OCR Phase 2 audits found serious risk analysis issues at covered entities

*Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights

Reduce the Stress of OCR Audit Preparations

Preparing for an OCR audit can take days, weeks, or even months, often in addition to your privacy and security team’s other full-time demands.

When you partner with MPS, you benefit from a risk analysis that assesses the current state of your privacy, security, and compliance program. Demonstrate your commitment to compliance through foundation-building and governance and ensure you have the proper policies and procedures in place for incident response, monitoring, and more.

Plus, MPS fully documents all investigations confirmed within the Patient Privacy Intelligence platform, giving you a central repository in the event of patient complaints, e-Discovery, law enforcement, and other access requests.

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Maintain Compliance and Data Integrity

Documenting an investigation regarding patient complaints, employee investigations, e-discovery, or external security requests from law enforcement can be time consuming.

Once MPS has identified suspicious behavior or improper user access with that user’s supervisor, your FairWarning privacy and security analyst will open an investigation in Patient Privacy Intelligence. We attach all relevant details, including reports and alerts, to your investigation and document the case according to HIPAA requirements.

This documentation also supports robust governance reporting and ongoing monitoring of your data privacy, security, and compliance program, building a culture of compliance that helps drive risk out of your organization.

Read how the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine manages investigations to secure patient data

workload reduction with MPS


of healthcare PHI data breaches are caused by insiders

*2018 Verizon Protected Health Information Data Breach Report

Your Data, Our Expertise

Insider threats may only come to light once it’s too late – a patient has complained, or law enforcement has opened a case into potential theft or identity fraud.

The MPS team of privacy and security analysts monitors more PHI than any other managed services team in healthcare, giving us the experience to review all your alerts generated within the PPI platform and determine their accuracy and impact.

FairWarning’s Intelligent Filtering tunes false positives down to zero and we’ll custom-tailor alerts to combat the unique threats that your organization faces. With advanced knowledge surrounding algorithms, data, and workflows, we’ll determine whether access was proper or improper.

And if there is an incident, we open a fully documented investigation, mapped to the Department of Health and Human Services’ requirements.

Read a summary of the official Verizon Protected Health Information Data Breach Report 2018

It’s Not Just Monitoring — It’s Building a Culture of Compliance

A culture of privacy, security, and compliance is essential in driving risk out of your organization.

MPS helps you build the foundation for your privacy, security, and compliance program. We provide a risk assessment, work with you to build and enact the enforced policies in the Patient Privacy Intelligence platform that make the most sense for your organization, and provide initial and ongoing education and training for staff.

Hear how Memorial Healthcare System created a culture of compliance with Managed Privacy Services

Up to 98% reduction of privacy and security breaches over time

Hurley Medical Center

"Without MPS and FairWarning figuring out what Anonymous had hacked into, it would have taken us a lot longer and been a lot worse."

Shellie Zavatsky

Director of Internal Audit
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Mercy Health

“Putting together this team ensured that we had the appropriate contacts and security alliance in place for privacy, corporate compliance, and security.”

Denny McLean - Mercy Health

Denny McLean

Enterprise Security Compliance Manager
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“Whenever someone asks me to run a specific report for them, I can just pick up the phone and contact the MPS team and we get a quick response.”

Paul Triezenberg - ThedaCare

Paul Triezenberg

Privacy Manager
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OCR HIPAA Audit Readiness with Managed Privacy Services

Imagine having more time to focus on the work you want to do, reducing your overall risk profile, improving your compliance posture, simplifying OCR audit preparations, and not having to worry about staffing or resource issues.

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