Media Resources

The resources on this page are designed to help members of the media find the right contacts and easily access information about FairWarning. Here you will find official photos and logos, executive team information, and media contacts. For any media inquiries or questions not addressed here, please see the Media Contacts section on this page.

About FairWarning

For the most up-to-date information and statistics about FairWarning, please visit our About Us page.

Media Contacts

FairWarning Corporate Headquarters

13535 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 600
Clearwater, FL 33762 USA

Media Contact

Hobie Long
Marketing & Media Manager
+1-727-576-6700 x1660

FairWarning Photos & Logos

The below logos and photos are available for download as high-resolution images. However, any use of the FairWarning name or logo must be pre-approved in writing by FairWarning, permission for which may be denied or rescinded at any time. Any use of the FairWarning name or logo must comply with FairWarning Logo Use policies below.

FairWarning Logo in Blue

Background should be transparent or white, for seamless color integration.

FairWarning Logo in White

Background should be the same as the blue shown here (Hex color is #000DBB) for seamless
color integration.

Logo Size and Spacing

The FairWarning logo should always be given adequate space to present a clear image of the brand. The logo should always be at least 1″ wide, so that it is still clearly visible. In addition, the logo should always have white or blank spacing between it and any other graphics or content, equal to half of the height of the logo. In other words, if the logo is .5″ tall, there must be at least .25″ of free space on all sides.

For more information on this and other logo usage guidelines, please email the Media Contacts listed above.