The offboarding process is seemingly straightforward: departing employees return all company property, including laptop, mobile device and building access card. However, they could be walking out the door with something far more valuable: your data. And without the proper precautions in place, you won’t know until it’s too late.

Because cloud-based technologies are scalable and convenient, many organizations have made them a central point of business operations. Solutions such as Salesforce started off as a CRM but have grown to manage the workflow and data of an entire organization. As a result, employees have access to a bevy of sensitive data such as detailed customer, prospect, ordering systems and financial information.

A white paper from Osterman Research revealed that 69 percent of organizations polled cited data loss when an employee leaves their organization. Employees may not intend to take data out the door in certain incidents, but some former employees are looking to gain a competitive advantage in their future endeavors.

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