Recruiting amazing people to the Tampa Bay area will have a ripple impact that improves the area’s economy, one local tech entrepreneur says.

That’s a big part of the reason FairWarning, a Clearwater firm that protects data and provides security for electronic health records and other online information, is one of the sponsors of Ignite Tampa, the local version of an international movement that describes itself as a fast-paced geek event.

At this year’s Ignite Tampa Bay, Thursday night at The Cuban Club in Ybor City, 20 speakers will get five minutes and 20 slides to share their knowledge and passions.

While some of the scheduled speakers’ topics indicate they will deal directly with workplace and economic development concerns — such as encouraging women in technology or building a filmmaking community in Tampa — others are indirect components of the business ecosystem, such as five tips to increase happiness.

“I feel like innovation and growth is driven by a very small number of people willing to push the boundaries,” said Kurt Long, CEO and founder of FairWarning. “Ignite has a lot of those people. They’re fearless and they push boundaries and that’s a healthy thing for a community and people.”

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