Company continues to invest in information security technologies, procedures, training and governance.

Clearwater, FL – January 12, 2016FairWarning®, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that expand trust in Electronic Health Records, Salesforce and cloud-based applications, today announced that it has successfully completed SOC 2 Type 1 Attestation for its Patient Privacy Monitoring system.

FairWarning’s independent audit was performed by BrightLine CPAs & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of attestation and compliance services.

The company continues to invest in information security technologies, procedures and training as well as associated governance. For its United States customer operations, this means assessments and governance for HIPAA, and for its international operations the company does the same for a range of security and privacy standards.

“In this world of continuously escalating threats, we strive to relentlessly improve and drive the culture of information security and governance into FairWarning’s culture,” said Chuck Burbank, Chief Information Security Officer for FairWarning. “In addition to our SOC 2 Type 1 Attestation for our solutions, we have implemented security controls at every level of our operations – from two factor authentication to encryption for our devices and transport layer security for email communications to regular education for our staff. We believe that as a privacy and security company it’s our obligation to ensure that we are a living and breathing example of security best practices.”

About FairWarning®

FairWarning® is a leading provider of solutions which expand trust in mission critical applications such as Salesforce, Electronic Health Records and cloud-based applications. Auditing over 300 business applications, FairWarning® solutions empower businesses globally to grow their reputation with their customers, increase velocity in their business and comply with complex federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and EU Data Protection Act. FairWarning® provides a comprehensive platform and managed services for performing forensic investigations of applications, enforcing access policies, conducting legal investigations, and improving compliance effectiveness.

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