Customers Reinvest in FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence at Record Rates

Clearwater, FL – March 27, 2017 –  FairWarning, the worldwide leader in patient privacy intelligence, unveiled today record levels of customer renewals, customer reinvestment, as well as other milestones, for the company’s new offerings. For the calendar year 2016, FairWarning customers renewed their services at a rate of 98 percent based on dollar volume. Renewing health systems represent 686 hospitals and 3,200 clinics with more than 1.1 million employees. FairWarning’s care provider customers also continue to invest in additional privacy and security services with the company.

FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services offering is now used by 85 enterprise customers representing more than 300 hospitals with a total of 470,000 employees. Non-renewing customers tend to be economically challenged care providers that are facing difficult decisions about sustaining their privacy and security investments.

In new business developments, Dynamic Identity Discovery and Intelligence, FairWarning’s latest offering, which assists care providers with monitoring non-employee users from affiliate offices, has already been adopted by more than 50 enterprise customers.

New customers continue to choose FairWarning because of the company’s hard-earned reputation as the healthcare industry’s go-to company for remediating business-critical HIPAA compliance shortfalls, mitigating major information security and criminal breaches involving federal law enforcement, and preparing major health systems for on-going Office for Civil Rights (OCR) HIPAA audits.

Demonstrating its expertise relating to OCR audits, in March 2017 FairWarning held an industry webinar titled “The Implications of OCR’s Enforcement of Audit Controls and the Role of Audit Trails in Litigation” with speakers Nicholas Heesters from Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights and Chad Brouillard of Foster & Eldridge, LLP.  Nearly 1,200 healthcare professionals registered for the webinar and received educational materials.

Competitively, FairWarning continues to acquire market share through the replacement of competitive commercial products and “home-grown” solutions. Through March of 2017, FairWarning has replaced commercially competitive products in more than 20 health systems representing 125 hospitals and more than 200,000 employees. Failures of vendor solutions in the following areas are typically cited as FairWarning replaces them in the customer environment:

  • Inability to scale and retain audit data for the time-period mandated by regulation resulting in complete service outage
  • Restricted clinical application support coverage resulting in inability to monitor and secure key systems, therefore unable to meet HIPAA requirements and safeguard applications
  • Failure in service uptime and availability, competitive solution no longer operational for weeks or even months while customer sought unplanned budget for replacement
  • Data integrity issues resulting in inconsistent reports and investigation results
  • Shortfalls in the information security of the vendor’s own product, resulting in security breach or potential business associate security breach
  • High service charges required by vendor for adding new application support and features

“FairWarning’s care provider customers are sophisticated, often the largest in industry, and are growing aggressively through acquisitions. These leading care providers treat FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence as a business-critical system which creates value for information security, privacy, regulatory compliance, and mitigation of legal risks as well as meaningful-use funding. Our customers expect an always-on service that is massively scale-able, flexible, positions them for continual HIPAA compliance, and is always ready for eDiscovery and forensics investigations. As the stakes have increased, it has been a sincere privilege to work with our customers in driving scale, availability, data integrity, and unprecedented levels of innovation. The vision is always to grow greater trust between care providers and their patients,” said Kurt J. Long, CEO and Founder of FairWarning.

All figures related to hospitals counts are based on HIMSS Analytics at the time of the writing of this press release.

For more information about FairWarning’s solutions, visit the company’s web site at FairWarning has dozens of customer success case studies available on its website or upon request. Contact for all requests and questions.


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