Solution leverages Sun Microsystems hardware and MySQL database to deliver privacy breach detection for world’s most sophisticated healthcare organizations.

 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.– October 28, 2008 – FairWarning, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of cross- platform healthcare privacy breach detection solutions, today announced a new solution aimed at serving the needs of the world’s most sophisticated healthcare organizations that leverages Sun Microsystems technology. FairWarning® announced the delivery of an optimized version of its market leading privacy breach detection software as an appliance-based solution using Sun Fire(TM) X4150 and Sun Fire X4450 systems with Sun’s MySQL(TM) database as the underlying database.

“FairWarning® customers will continue to enjoy the value, performance and reliability of our privacy breach detection software delivered as an appliance on an open source stack,” said Kurt Long, Chief Executive Officer of FairWarning®. “Through the use of Sun hardware, we deliver an end-to-end privacy breach detection solution that is capable of scaling to meet the needs of the world’s largest healthcare organizations.”

Large health systems have specific priv®® now delivers solutions which scale up and scale out:

  • Centralized Health Systems: For health systems which have consolidated information technology and privacy operations, a centralized FairWarning® solution leveraging fewer, larger enterprise appliances is generally best. These organizations are able to audit massive volumes of transactions and filter the results to proactively pinpoint potential privacy
  • Decentralized Health Systems: For health systems which have decentralized information technology and privacy operations, FairWarning® delivers a solution which leverages several standard appliances. This also enables auditing of millions of transactions which are filtered down for review by the privacy offices.

“The combined strength of Sun’s and FairWarning’s technology creates a solution uniquely qualified to address the privacy challenges posed by the electronic utilization, storage and the exchange of personal health information,” said Joerg Schwarz, Director of Healthcare, Government and Life Sciences at Sun Microsystems. “The potential of healthcare digitization will be realized only if privacy is addressed,” Schwarz said.

FairWarning® customers represent nearly 100 hospitals and 600 clinics, the company offers out of the box privacy breach detection solutions specifically optimized for the healthcare industry and include support for every major healthcare application family, including: Allscripts, ATNA, Cerner Millennium, ChartMaxx, Eclipsys, Epic, GE Centricity, Keane, Kronos, Misys, McKesson Care Manager, McKesson Horizon

Expert Documentation, McKesson Meds Manager, McKesson Horizon Patient Folder, McKesson Horizon Surgical Manager, McKesson STAR, McKesson STAR Audit, McKesson Pathways, MEDITECH MAGIC, MEDITECH Client/Server, MercuryMD, Misys, Siemens Invision, SunQuest, T-Systems and Wellsoft.

FairWarning® also supports Windows servers, Unix servers, VPNs, and Single Sign On systems.

Sun technologies enable clinical and business transformation by liberating trapped data in the health system. Sun has the software, storage, systems and service solutions that can help the healthcare industry deliver secure health information exchange, cost-efficient data management, secure and auditable compliance, and virtualized caregiver mobility solutions that reduce costs and medical errors, as well as improve efficiency and patient care.


About FairWarning, Inc.

FairWarning® is the world’s leading supplier of cross-platform healthcare privacy breach detection solutions for Electronic Health Records. FairWarning® is industry’s leading best practice solution for automating HIPAA privacy auditing. The company is located in St. Petersburg, FL, to learn more, visit or call U.S. 727 576 6700.

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