FairWarning receives Security Intelligence Partner Program certification from Q1 Labs.

 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – November 3rd, 2011 – FairWarning, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of cross- platform healthcare privacy breach detection solutions, today announced that Q1 Labs, the global provider of total security intelligence solutions, is an official FairWarning® Ready for Enterprise Security Program Partner.

The FairWarning® Ready for Enterprise Security Program is designed to encourage integration with leading security information and event management (SIEM) systems, improving customers’ overall risk posture. With recent regulatory changes, including ARRA HITECH, increased HIPAA enforcement, and state privacy laws such as California SB 541 and AB 211, leading healthcare organizations are focusing on minimizing risk and increasing compliance.  Combining Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform with FairWarning® allows for easy visibility into network security and privacy auditing.

“Today’s healthcare organizations need security intelligence in order to properly handle patient data and Electronic Health Records (EHRs),” said Tom Turner, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Channels for Q1 Labs. “Increasingly stringent security and privacy regulations that govern healthcare institutions’ handling of patient data require more than simple checkbox monitoring, they require best-of-breed security visibility and incident response.”

By combining FairWarning®’s application privacy monitoring capabilities with the infrastructure security monitoring capabilities of QRadar SIEM, customers will be able to seamlessly monitor their entire healthcare enterprise. In addition, customers using the combined solution will be able to rapidly perform end-to-end incident investigations involving patients, users, and infrastructure devices to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to complete such examinations.

“The FairWarning® Ready programs are designed to simplify privacy auditing and monitoring activities for healthcare organizations by enabling instant compatibility with a variety of applications,” says Shane Whitlatch, Executive Vice President of Global Alliances and Sales Operations at FairWarning®. “Our collaboration with Q1 Labs is another step toward reducing the costs and burden of meeting privacy mandates.”

FairWarning® has also been certified by Q1 Labs for its Security Intelligence Partner Program (SIPP). Q1 Labs’ open protocols include LEEF (Log Event Enhanced Format) and AXIS (Asset Exchange Information Source), the primary protocols utilized in SIEM and log management deployments. This program also allows partners to more tightly integrate with Q1 Labs Security Intelligence products, providing a direct feed of event, asset/vulnerability, configuration management, and flow information, as well as the enablement of automated updates. Collaborative testing as part of the SIPP certification process ensures interoperability between FairWarning®’s products and the Q1 Labs family of products.

More information about the FairWarning® Ready for Enterprise Security Program is available at http://www.fairwarningaudit.com/subpages/partners.asp.

For more information on the Security Intelligence Partner Program, and how to become a partner, please visit Q1 Labs’ partner page.


About FairWarning, Inc.

FairWarning® is the inventor and global leader in appliance-based software solutions which monitor and protect patient privacy in electronic health records enabling healthcare providers and health information exchanges to confidentially connect physicians, clinics, patients and affiliates. FairWarning®’s turn-key privacy auditing solutions are compatible with healthcare applications from every major vendor including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, McKesson, MEDITECH, Siemens, and many others. Customers consider FairWarning® privacy auditing solutions essential for compliance with healthcare privacy regulations such as ARRA HITECH privacy and meaningful use criteria, HIPAA, EU Data Protection, California SB 541 and AB 211, Texas HB 300, and Canadian provincial healthcare privacy law. For more information on FairWarning® visit www.fairwarning.com or email Solutions@FairWarning.com.

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