FairWarning for Salesforce 2017 Bookings Growth Reaches 473 % Over 2016 Year to Date

CLEARWATER, Fla.July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FairWarning® announced today that the company’s cloud security product offering, FairWarning for Salesforce, achieved break-through bookings growth in the first-half of 2017 after steady growth in 2015 and 2016. Growth in the FairWarning for Salesforce offering is a result of the increasing concerns of wealth, banking, lending, and healthcare companies to secure and govern sensitive information held in cloud applications like Salesforce, Office 365, and others.

Businesses continue to migrate their mission critical functions to the cloud. Highly sensitive customer information is now stored in cloud applications, which are subject to worldwide industry regulation and insider threats resulting in cybersecurity breaches. Highlights of FairWarning for Salesforce bookings growth include:

  • 473 % Growth in bookings through 1st-Half 2017 versus same time-period in 2016
  • 240 % Growth in average total contract value, 2017 versus 2016
  • 59 % Greater bookings in 1st-Half 2017 versus all of 2016
  • Ten (10) Salesforce AppExchange Reviews, all 5-Stars reflective of FairWarning’s product strategy of simplifying and streamlining cloud security
  • Financial Services customers representing well over $ 500 Billion of assets under management
  • Customer growth throughout the United StatesAustraliaCanada and United Kingdom

“The adoption of FairWarning for Salesforce by financial services firms around the world is validation of our vision of simplifying and streamlining cloud security for health, wealth and banking globally. FairWarning expects significant growth in our cloud security offering for the foreseeable future,” Kurt Long, CEO and Founder FairWarning®.

For more information on FairWarning for Salesforce visit the company’s web site at www.FairWarning.com.

About FairWarning®
FairWarning® strives to protect the health, wealth, and personal information for everyone on Earth. The company’s industry-leading application security solutions provide data protection and governance for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Salesforce, Office 365, and hundreds of other applications. FairWarning® solutions protect organizations of all sizes against data theft and misuse through real-time and continuous user activity monitoring and improve compliance effectiveness with complex federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI, FINRA, SOX, FISMA and EU Data Protection Act. FairWarning® catches people stealing your data.

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