CLEARWATER, Fla. – Sept. 19, 2018 – Businesses will now have an unprecedented look into how their peers are monitoring cloud applications like Salesforce with the comprehensive “2018 Cloud Visibility Report,” released today by FairWarning. The in-depth guide is designed as a blueprint for greater visibility, revealing best practices for enhancing security, usage and adoption, performance, and compliance in cloud applications.

Cloud spending is forecasted to reach $160 billion in 2018 – a 23.2 percent increase over 2017. Businesses around the globe are capturing the benefits of cloud technology to meet consumer demand in today’s fast-paced ecosystem. But without insights into users’ activity in the cloud, organizations can be left vulnerable to data breaches, insider threats, wasted resource and decreased customer trust.
“The findings in our report highlight exactly how businesses are monitoring their cloud applications to gain insights into their Salesforce organization or other cloud applications,” said Kurt J. Long, creator and CEO of FairWarning. “What we find is that businesses use these insights to secure company data, streamline workflows and more easily meet compliance. In doing so, they help ensure trust between themselves, their workforce and their customers.”

Findings are based on data from nearly 50 companies monitoring over 18,000 users in more than 1,000 types of access and activity, and include:

  • Among businesses monitoring for security, 36 percent are focusing on export activity, 22 percent on report activity and 19 percent on login activity.
  • API access and changes to security controls (e.g., whitelisting IP ranges or changing password policies) are emerging areas in security monitoring.
  • Twenty-seven percent of organizations focused on usage and adoption monitor the creation of objects as well as “top user” activity.
  • Performance-related monitoring is primarily focused around login status (i.e., failed/successful logins), with Visualforce page and Apex event monitoring growing as organizations find value in demonstrating and improving development ROI.

“This report serves as an excellent resource for organizations that are laying a foundation or expanding their cloud monitoring program,” said Mark Bowling, consulting ISO at United Capital. “In today’s increasingly hostile threat landscape, organizations need to monitor multiple facets of the cloud, and it’s difficult to know where to start. With this report, leading organizations can gain insights into what top organizations are doing and tailor these tactics for their own organization.”

“As organizations are increasingly investing in cloud technology, it’s become imperative to have visibility into cloud-based applications like Salesforce,” added Joe Stolz, business systems manager at Midland IRA. “This report offers an excellent overview of what is possible within your monitoring program and gives a solid baseline for what organizations can begin monitoring in the areas of security, usage and adoption, performance, and compliance.”

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