Command Center to Serve as Educational Meeting Place for Expert Conversations on Healthcare Information Security, Privacy and Compliancey

Clearwater, FL — January 26, 2017 – As the sponsor of the HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center, FairWarning will bring its information security solutions and expertise alongside an expanded list of other information security companies to the exhibit floor at the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from February 19th – 23rd, 2017.

“FairWarning’s care provider customers face unprecedented threats and new adversaries with never before seen motivations to compromise patient information,” said Kurt J. Long, founder and CEO of FairWarning. “These threats come at a time when care providers face escalating business pressures as a result of industry consolidation, regulatory enforcement and skills shortages. Now more than ever, care providers need information security, privacy and compliance partners that add expertise, value and cooperation in navigating challenges. We are excited to engage in conversations with our customers and the marketplace — and the HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center is the perfect venue. There is no doubt that we are all in this together.  We are excited to see new participants join us in the Cybersecurity Command Center in 2017.”

The HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center presented by FairWarning is designed to engage care provider stakeholders in educational conversations with experts that can assist in the decision-making and investments required to continue on the journey of better and more affordable patient care through Healthcare IT while growing trust between patients and care providers.

“We know from our 2016 Cybersecurity Survey that 85% of respondents have elevated security of patient data as a business priority within their organizations. At the HIMSS17 Cybersecurity Command Center, presented by FairWarning, we will have more than 28 education sessions, interactive activities and the current technologies that can help manage cybersecurity as an elevated priority. HIMSS appreciates the support of FairWarning, as well as all of our participating sponsors, for contributing their time and expertise to develop the Cybersecurity Command Center as a destination on the exhibition floor where attendees can find solutions to help defend against cyberattacks and manage cyber issues in healthcare delivery,” said Rod Piechowski, senior director, health information systems, HIMSS North America.

You can visit FairWarning and its experts at HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center in FairWarning Booth # 376-A. The company will also have educational sessions for broader audiences during the week of HIMSS. Visit the booth for more information.


About FairWarning®

FairWarning strives to protect the health, wealth, and personal information for everyone on Earth. The company’s industry-leading application security solutions provide data protection and governance for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Salesforce, Office 365, and hundreds of other applications. FairWarning solutions protect organizations of all sizes against data theft and misuse through real-time and continuous user activity monitoring and improve compliance effectiveness with complex federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, SOX, FISMA and EU Data Protection Act. FairWarning catches people stealing your data.

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