Oakwood Healthcare System has selected FairWarning to enhance patients’ privacy. Oakwood joins a growing list of FairWarning healthcare customers in Michigan, including nearly one-third of hospitals in the state.

 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – March 22, 2011 – FairWarning, Inc., a leading global supplier of solutions which monitor and protect patient privacy in Electronic Health Records, today announced Oakwood Healthcare System has selected FairWarning® to enhance patients’ privacy. Oakwood joins a growing list of FairWarning® healthcare customers in Michigan, including nearly one-third of hospitals in the state.

Award-winning, prestigious institutions continue to select FairWarning®, which now protects patient privacy in nearly 500 hospitals and 2,200 clinics worldwide. In the United States alone, FairWarning® implementations are approaching 10% of hospitals.

As a national quality leader, Oakwood was one of the first healthcare systems in Southeast Michigan to make patient information available online, and has been uncovering innovative ways to protect privacy ever since. Covering over 500 square miles and more than 1 million patients, Oakwood’s mission is to provide excellence in care, healing and health to the individuals and communities they serve. As the recipient of the Michigan Quality Leadership Award, Oakwood Hospital is committed to creating an excellent organization in all areas of healthcare including technology.

“Protecting patient health information is our highest priority,” said Ken Garner, Information Security Officer at Oakwood Healthcare. “FairWarning® is a leader in protecting patient privacy and this system will allow us to automate the way we monitor patient information and correlate the systems currently in place so we can continue to put our patients first.”

“Customers are asking us to partner with them to change the culture of healthcare privacy in their organizations, leveraging our privacy monitoring software and proprietary business processes,” says FairWarning® Executive Vice President Shane Whitlatch.  “Privacy breaches are pervasive; they occur in every state, whether a large metropolitan area or a small town, and hospitals are recognizing the need for automated protection tools and advanced processes.”

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About FairWarning, Inc.

FairWarning® is a global leader in appliance-based software solutions which monitor and protect patient privacy in electronic health records enabling healthcare providers and health information exchanges to confidentially connect physicians, clinics, patients and affiliates. FairWarning®’s turn-key privacy auditing solutions are compatible with healthcare applications from every major vendor including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, McKesson, MEDITECH, Siemens, and many others.  Customers consider FairWarning® privacy auditing solutions essential for compliance with healthcare privacy regulations such as ARRA HITECH privacy and meaningful use criteria, HIPAA, EU Data Protection, UK Freedom of Information Act, California SB 541 and AB 211, and Canadian provincial healthcare privacy law.  For more information on FairWarning® visit www.FairWarningAudit.com or email Solutions@FairWarningAudit.com.

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