Immediately available, FairWarning 2.9.5 is based on standardized interfaces and point-and-click templates to enable faster, wider-scale, and more affordable privacy auditing than ever before.

 SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. – November 3rd, 2011 – FairWarning, Inc., the inventor and world’s leading supplier of solutions which monitor and protect patient privacy in Electronic Health Records, today announced the 2.9.5 release of the company’s patient privacy auditing platform. FairWarning® 2.9.5 is aimed at easing the burden of compliance with the pending Accounting of Disclosure Rule as well as existing laws such as ARRA HITECH, HIPAA, and state specific patient privacy laws such as those in California and Texas.

“Baptist Health Care Corporation has selected FairWarning® 2.9.5 to simplify our privacy auditing across a variety of applications. The FairWarning® team has provided excellent support from the minute the implementation began. Our organization is proud to work with a vendor that constantly improves their product functionality in this time of increased regulatory scrutiny,” says Jim Donaldson, Director of Corporate Compliance at Baptist Health Care Corporation in Pensacola, Florida.

FairWarning® 2.9.5 is based on the expressed needs of the company’s customers representing over 700 leading hospitals to implement patient privacy auditing faster and on a wider range of Electronic Health Records and healthcare applications than ever before. FairWarning® 2.9.5 leverages existing production support with over 145 healthcare applications, and collaborative partnerships with every major Electronic Health Record vendor to provide:

  • Standardized interfaces for audit source extraction and point-and-click loading, reporting and analytics
  • Standardized interfaces and point-and-click templates for leveraging user, identity and patient information for advanced analytics and filtering
  • Improved error reporting, system monitoring and availability
  • Real-time privacy auditing services for healthcare applications capable of real-time data production
  • Extreme scalability

“FairWarning® has made significant collaborative investments with the major Electronic Health Record and healthcare application vendors to standardize the methods for extracting, loading and reporting on patient privacy data.  By standardizing and certifying the data sources, FairWarning® 2.9.5 eases our customer’s burden to report, investigate and protect patient privacy across an ever-wider range of healthcare applications”, says Chris Arnold, Director of Product Management, “We are excited by the support from the major EHR vendors and customers, but FairWarning® fully anticipates a great deal of collaboration ahead to continue standardizing privacy auditing for the many hundreds of healthcare applications in the marketplace.”

FairWarning® 2.9.5 is part of FairWarning® Ready for Healthcare Applications which is a larger industry initiative designed to reduce the cost of regulatory privacy compliance by standardizing data handling for patient privacy auditing across an unprecedented range of healthcare applications. To learn more about FairWarning® 2.9.5 and FairWarning® Ready for Healthcare Applications attend an upcoming webinar or immediately view the video below.

Webinar: “Strategies for Accounting of Disclosure Access Reports and Enforcement Update” Date:  Thursday November 17th, 2011 – 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern

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FairWarning® Ready for Healthcare Applications Video


FairWarning® 2.9.5 Video


About FairWarning, Inc.

FairWarning® is the inventor and global leader in appliance-based software solutions which monitor and protect patient privacy in electronic health records enabling healthcare providers and health information exchanges to confidentially connect physicians, clinics, patients and affiliates. FairWarning®’s turn-key privacy auditing solutions are compatible with healthcare applications from every major vendor including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, McKesson, MEDITECH, Siemens, and many others. Customers consider FairWarning® privacy auditing solutions essential for compliance with healthcare privacy regulations such as ARRA HITECH privacy and meaningful use criteria, HIPAA, EU Data Protection, California SB 541 and AB 211, Texas HB 300, and Canadian provincial healthcare privacy law. For more information on FairWarning® visit or email

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