All NHS Scotland Territorial Health Boards now using FairWarning solutions to protect and secure patient information country-wide.

Clearwater, Florida – January 7, 2016 – FairWarning®, Inc., a leading provider of solutions which expand trust in mission critical applications such as Salesforce, Electronic Health Records and cloud-based applications, today announced that Scotland is the first country to have an operational nation-wide privacy breach detection system to ensure that all of its patients’ protected health information (PHI) remains private. All of NHS Scotland Territorial Health Boards are now using FairWarning Patient Privacy Monitoring software to strengthen the security and privacy of patient medical identities.

The NHS in Scotland employs nearly 165,000 people and provides comprehensive healthcare through hospitals and community health services throughout the Country, providing care to more than 5.5 million citizens.

“Four years ago we made a large commitment and a big investment in FairWarning to help protect the privacy of our patients’ health information,” said Daniel Beaumont, Head of Information Assurance & Governance, Scottish Government (Health). “Electronic Health Records are a critical part of modern healthcare. Ensuring the security and management of patients’ medical data is something we’ve taken incredibly seriously. Now that FairWarning has been deployed throughout the country, I am confident that patients’ can put even greater trust in their healthcare network and providers – ultimately assuring better health outcomes.”

The country-wide implementation of FairWarning by NHS Scotland signifies a strong commitment to patient privacy protection. Through selection at the country level, NHS Scotland enabled every board in Scotland to implement patient privacy auditing and monitoring. Implementation of advanced privacy protections furthers the NHS goal of providing clinicians with all information about a patient regardless of where the patient is seen. FairWarning audits and monitors a variety of healthcare applications, including those used for emergencies and patient administration systems.

“Scotland is a country getting patient privacy right,” said Kurt J. Long, Founder and CEO of FairWarning. “Since we started working with NHS Scotland in 2011, our partnership has fostered some fantastic results and helped create a privacy and compliance-driven culture throughout the Country’s healthcare network and ensured citizen-trust in their healthcare providers. Importantly, our work with NHS Scotland is a blueprint that can be replicated by hospital systems and Health Information Exchanges around the world.”

In 2014, NHS Lothian was recognized with the Privacy Excellence Award.


About FairWarning®

FairWarning® is a leading provider of solutions which expand trust in mission critical applications such as Salesforce, Electronic Health Records and cloud-based applications. Auditing over 300 business applications, FairWarning® solutions empower businesses globally to grow their reputation with their customers, increase velocity in their business and comply with complex federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and EU Data Protection Act. FairWarning® provides a comprehensive platform and managed services for performing forensic investigations of applications, enforcing access policies, conducting legal investigations, and improving compliance effectiveness.

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