When it comes to security, it’s good to have your head in the cloud, Kurt Long believes.With the singular vision of protecting the health, wealth and banking information held in business databases around the world, Fair Warning safeguards more than 8,000 health care facilities and in excess of $550 billion in financial assets.

Its cloud-based solutions provide data protection and governance for hundreds of applications including Salesforce and Office 365. They audit and manage close to 400 billion data rows

Core security principles and legacy system deficiencies leave many companies vulnerable to security breaches, Mr. Long said.

The cloud offers a better way, and leaders across many verticals are confident the security measures there are better than other alternatives. That is the main reason FairWarning has seen demand from financial services companies for cloud-based security solutions increase almost five-fold in 2017.

Mr. Long said both healthcare and financial services can take conservative approaches to technology. In healthcare, Mr. Long said people he respects are calling for more collaboration within the system. Each speciality may have its own approach or even its own cloud and that makes it difficult to integrate all of them if there is no common standard across systems.

“When it’s in your own centre, you have control,” Mr. Long said. “You put in the data engines and control it so you get a full view.”

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