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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Centricity Business from GE Healthcare IT is an innovative revenue cycle management solution for hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers and large practices that helps them drive greater profitability and efficiency.

GE Healthcare is a FairWarning Ready for Healthcare Applications Qualified partner.

Compatible Applications
GE Centricity Business (FlowCast, IDX)
GE Centricity EMR (CPO)
GE Centricity Enterprise (CareCast, iCare)
GE Enterprise Wide Scheduling
GE Centricity Group Management
GE Centricity Laboratory (UltraLab)
GE Centricity PACS – IW
GE Centricity Perioperative
GE Centricity Radiology (RIS)
GE Healthcare Centricity Perinatal Clinical Information System
GE Enterprise Wide Scheduling
GE Logicare
GE MUSE® Cardiology Information System
GE PACS (ImageCast)
GE Quantitative Sentinel

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