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McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 18th on the FORTUNE 500, is a healthcare services and healthcare information technology company dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality healthcare by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving the quality and safety of patient care. McKesson is the longest-operating company in healthcare today, marking its 175th anniversary this year. Over the course of its history, McKesson has grown by providing pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management across the spectrum of care; healthcare information technology for hospitals, physicians, homecare and payors; hospital and retail pharmacy automation; and services for manufacturers and payors designed to improve outcomes for patients.

McKesson Corporation is a FairWarning Ready for Healthcare Applications Premier partner and FairWarning Gold reseller.

Compatible Applications
McKesson Business Folder (MBF)
McKesson Electronic Staff Record
McKesson HealthQuest (Medipac)
McKesson Horizon Admin RX (HARX)
McKesson Horizon Ambulatory Care (HAC)
McKesson Horizon Anatomic Pathology (HAP)
McKesson Horizon Anesthesia Care (MAC)
McKesson Horizon Blood Bank (HBB)
McKesson Horizon Business Insight (HBI)
McKesson Horizon Care Alerts (HCA)
McKesson Horizon Care Record (HCR)
McKesson Horizon Clinicals Infrastructure (HCI) including:
-McKesson Horizon Emergency Care (HEC)
-McKesson Horizon Emergency Tracking Board (HECTB)
-McKesson Horizon Enterprise Content Manager (HECM)
-McKesson Horizon Enterprise Financial Manager (HEFM)
-McKesson Horizon Enterprise Materials Manager (HEMM)
-McKesson Horizon Enterprise Revenue Management
 -McKesson Horizon Expert Documentation (HED)
-McKesson Horizon Expert Notes (HEN)
-McKesson Horizon Expert Plan (HEP)
-McKesson Horizon Health Summary (HHS)
-McKesson Horizon Home Care (HHC)
-McKesson Horizon Human Capital Management
-McKesson Horizon Lab (HLAB)
-McKesson Horizon Lab Financials (HLF)
-McKesson Horizon Med Reconciliation (HMR)
-McKesson Horizon Medical Imaging
-McKesson Horizon Meds Manager (HMM)
-McKesson Horizon Order Management (HOM)
-McKesson Horizon Passport
-McKesson Horizon Patient Portal
-McKesson Horizon Perinatal Care (HPC)
-McKesson Horizon Physician Portal (HPP)
-McKesson Horizon Practice Partner
-McKesson Horizon Practice Plus
-McKesson Horizon Radiology Manager
-McKesson Horizon Surgical Manager (HSM)
McKesson Med3000 InteGreat EHR
McKesson OneContent
McKesson ORSOS Next Gen
McKesson Paragon*
McKesson Pathways Compliance Advisor (PCA)
McKesson Pathways Contract Management (PCON)
McKesson Pathways Healthcare Scheduler (PHS)
McKesson Patient Folder (MPF)
McKesson Series
McKesson STAR
McKesson STAR Audit

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