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Patient Privacy Intelligence B2018-06-26T11:16:51+00:00
Patient Privacy Intelligence®

Growing trust between patients
and healthcare providers

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Patient Privacy Intelligence is an open platform that secures patient data held in mission-critical applications. We give healthcare providers the tools and support they need to manage the full lifecycle of security incidents as required by regulations like HIPAA and HITRUST.

Petabytes of data managed per day
Average reduction of breaches
Healthcare facilities monitored
Forensic investigations completed in 2017

Why leading care providers build their compliance, privacy, and security programs around Patient Privacy Intelligence:


of healthcare data privacy incidents involve forensic investigations

*BakerHostetler 2017 Data Security Incident Response Report

Forensic Investigations & E-Discovery

Patient complaints, e-discovery, OCR audits, law enforcement inquiries — all require forensic investigations into the who, what, when, and how of patient data access. But running patient complaints across multiple apps holding a vast amount of data is more challenging than ever before.

Secure healthcare organizations detect, investigate, mitigate, and remediate privacy and security incidents faster than ever with FairWarning. Stop spending days or weeks combing through complex and inconsistent audit logs, and instead run reports within seconds to determine how an incident occurred.

Plus, easily counter employee lawsuits with immutable investigation documentation and data integrity.

Proactive Detection of Privacy Breaches

Some patient privacy breaches are obvious. Others aren’t – until it’s too late.

Stop employees and third-party contractors (e.g., physicians) from snooping on neighbors, relatives, and more with proactive alerts and proven workflows to determine whether an incident occurred. Save time with machine-learning intelligence that reduces the incidence of false positives by 40-65%.

Thousands of healthcare facilities have become empowered to create a culture of privacy and security thanks to FairWarning’s behavioral analytics and Dynamic Identity Intelligence, which allow you to correlate user identities and examine past behavior to predict and prevent future damaging behavior.

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of healthcare breaches are caused by insiders

*Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report

Up to 15% of healthcare workers are addicted to drugs or alcohol

*The Mayo Clinic

Identity Theft and Drug Diversion

Drug diversion and identity theft are major areas of concern for healthcare facilities around the globe.

FairWarning helps you identify the who, when, what, and how of illegal or inappropriate data access within your facility. Custom reports and enforced policies help you spot when drugs are diverted or self-prescriptions logged, large amounts of face sheets are printed, and more. Respond more quickly to law enforcement investigations with quick reporting and incident documentation.

Once PPI identifies an incident and helps you document the details, all that’s left is to sanction and train employees, helping you drive a culture of security and compliance and prevent future incidents from occurring.

Governance Reporting & HIPAA Audit Controls

Healthcare organizations of all sizes have been able to prove demonstrable compliance to the OCR and other regulatory bodies thanks to immutable investigation documentation and risk-of-compromise assessments. Single-view employee and third-party user identity correlation help satisfy HIPAA Access Rights Management requirements.

And built-in governance reporting goes a long way toward showing compliance and due diligence toward reducing or eliminating privacy breaches.

Grab Your HIPAA Mapping Guide

of healthcare compliance professionals lack confidence that they can demonstrate the effectiveness of their monitoring and auditing

*SAI Global 2017 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Study

reduction in investigation time from FairWarning’s automated incident response

More Value Faster with Artificial Intelligence

Our customers across the globe are gaining time back in their day with machine learning capabilities like automated incident response and intelligent filtering.

Automated incident response streamlines the alert review and incident response process by automating the reports most commonly used by incident analysis experts. Create standards for the alert review process and improve defensibility should an investigation be attacked or challenged in court.

Intelligent alert filtering helps reduce false positives by an average of 40-65%, cutting your work in half. Enforced policies will continue to trigger alerts, while the system scans and dismisses those alerts deemed to be business-related.

"FairWarning quickly cut the number of alert reviews and our time needed for daily privacy investigation by more than half."


Benjamin Cripps - Kaweah

Benjamin Cripps

Compliance and Privacy Officer
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Memorial Healthcare

“FairWarning provided the data to understand workflows, pinpoint workforce data access and privacy challenges, and guide training.”

Richard Leon, Memorial Healthcare

Richard Leon

Chief Information Security Officer
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Saint Luke's Health System

“Since the implementation of FairWarning, it takes only a few minutes to run the audits. Previously, it would take us 24 hours or more, just to get the basic audit information.”

Barbara Beckett

System Privacy Officer
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Patient Privacy Intelligence: The Intersection of Compliance, Legal and Information Security

Examine the critical capabilities that a Patient Privacy Intelligence platform can deliver to meet the business and technical demands of modern care providers for regulatory compliance and information security.

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