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FairWarning Healthcare Product Manager


  • Own roadmap for your product, scope and prioritize development based on business and customer impact
  • Gain a deep understanding of the customer (including customer segments and user personas), conduct frequent user testing with lightweight prototypes
  • Gather constant feedback from customers, internal stakeholders, and through product analytics on usage and financial data
  • Work with leadership to shape market strategy, and ensure that product development furthers strategic goals
  • Work closely with engineering teams to ensure accurate forecasting and efficient allocation of resources
  • Develop product pricing and positioning strategies
  • Coordinate product launches, including working with sales and marketing on messaging for content, collateral, and demos, and with customer success for roll-out
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  • Previous experience in product, business strategy/analytics (e.g. consulting), technical development, or analytics-heavy customer success
  • Strong problem solving skills, at both strategic and detail levels
  • Passionate about product, and customer experience
  • Skilled at working effectively with cross-functional teams
  • Strong ability with tools including: basic data tools (e.g. excel), rough wireframing tools (e.g. Balsamiq), home-made project tracking tools
  • Experience with or willingness to learn tools, such as: advanced data tools (e.g. SQL, Tableau), product analytics tools (e.g. GoogleAnalytics, Pendo), higher-fidelity prototyping tools (e.g. Invision, Marvel), product management/roadmapping tools (e.g. ProductPlan), key cross-functional databases (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Ability to travel
  • MS/BS in computer science, engineering, or similar preferred
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