One of the largest healthcare systems in the Northeastern United States needed a proactive approach to monitoring protected health information.

The challenge

After experiencing two significant privacy breaches, this health system was looking for a proactive approach to regulatory compliance and prevention of future incidents.

After two significant privacy breaches, a solution was needed that would help the organization take a proactive approach to monitoring patient record access and respond quickly to access privilege violations.

The goal of their initial investment with FairWarning was to implement a proactive monitoring solution to automatically identify privacy and security breaches that could possibly turn into HIPAA violations. The challenge was that their existing staff and resources had to compete with other time-consuming priorities making it difficult to reach their desired monitoring state.

We needed a solid system with good recommendations from other users that could be implemented fairly quickly, giving us the efficiency we were looking for. We found that with FairWarning Managed Privacy Services.

FairWarning Managed Privacy Services permits us to proactively monitor for instances of inappropriate access. Without it, we would not have the ability to do that.

The use of FairWarning has helped us heighten employee awareness about privacy concerns.

Having MPS has greatly enhanced what we can do as a team. The information that FairWarning produces is voluminous. Thankfully, MPS is there to help us weed through it all. I can’t imagine doing what we are able to do now without a much larger staff.

It was important for the organization’s privacy team to find a solution that would help the healthcare system evaluate its privacy monitoring processes from good to great as fast as possible. FairWarning Managed Privacy Services (MPS) is an affordable solution for healthcare providers of all sizes. FairWarning’s expert team of HIPAA compliance, security, and product analysts provide worry-free experts, thereby freeing up internal privacy teams to work on higher value projects.

The Results

  • Maintains a proactive privacy monitoring program
  • Augments available tools and resources used by staff
  • Increases privacy policy awareness
  • Experiences excellent customer service
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