Who is accessing your data, and what are they doing with it? FairWarning provides the answers to ensure data security.

The challenge

Midland’s team found that they had less-than-complete control into maintaining vigilance over their data. They simply had no way of knowing who might be exercising improper access to critical customer data. That’s a serious problem for any company, and especially for a financial services company that must maintain PCI compliance.

Midland IRA offers investors the opportunity to include alternative assets in their IRA accounts. Like more than 150,000 companies worldwide, Midland IRA utilizes Salesforce for cultivating and managing customer relationships. Storing large quantities of sensitive customer information in one application was a data security concern.

As Midland’s customer base grew, the lack of transparency into who might be accessing critical customer data became more obvious — and more frightening. As a financial services company, Midland IRA must also be continuously vigilant in maintain PCI Compliance –  a responsibility that an estimated 4 out of 5 companies fail to fulfill according to the Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report.

That peace of mind that FairWarning provides alone is worth the cost. It’s really kind of priceless.

I didn’t know that proactive event monitoring was even possible.

We simply did not have a good way of knowing who is viewing what, who has access to critical information, or who has accessed critical information.

I don’t have to look through a million log entries.

By implementing FairWarning for Salesforce, Midland IRA was able to boost their data security strategy and proactively monitor who was accessing their data and when. With FairWarning, the company is able to decipher the cryptic Salesforce event logs and visualize the data into actionable insights.

The Results

  • Proactive Event Monitoring
  • Expansive Alerting Capabilities
  • Smoother investigations and activity analysis
  • Priceless Peace of Mind
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