Starwood Capital Group

FairWarning Helps Private Investment Firm Protect Data and Maximize Cloud Advantages

Starwood Capital Group’s investment in FairWarning pays huge dividends as Starwood migrates to the cloud

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Executive Summary

Starwood Capital Group is a global private investment firm managing more than $52 billion in assets. Recently, Starwood made the decision to move from a network drive, shared company-wide, to the cloud. The move would cut costs, enhance usability, and enable the use of advanced business intelligence platforms. The move would also entail exporting vast quantities of highly sensitive data to Salesforce.

Keeping data secure both during and after the cloud migration was a priority. Simultaneously, the company sought to make Salesforce’s entry-log data more accessible, less cryptic, and more actionable. After an exhaustive search, FairWarning emerged as the only vendor that met all the Starwood team’s needs and expectations.

Now, Starwood enjoys a double-layer of data protection through the combo of Salesforce and FairWarning. Alerting and reporting are easier than ever. And FairWarning has enabled the ability to precisely monitor how and when data is accessed, and by whom.

“Things that were never possible before with Salesforce have become not only possible with FairWarning, but with essentially the same ease-of-use as Salesforce reporting.”

“One thing that was missing with Salesforce was the ability for us to look back and see who was accessing
the data.”

“FairWarning was the only vendor that offered everything we were looking for.”

*This success story is based on the FairWarning Executive Series Webinar supplied on this page.