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Customer Success Stories

FairWarning Empowers
Jefferson National to Secure their Salesforce Data

Jefferson National, an innovator of tax-deferred investing solutions, needed to protect their valuable Salesforce data.

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Executive Summary

Jefferson National, an innovator of tax-deferred investing solutions, is a trusted partner to a network of 4,000 advisors by helping them better serve their clients to achieve their financial goals. With the U.S. Department of Labor steering more advisors their way, it was time for the company to focus on securing their Salesforce data.

Before finding a solution they were happy with, Jefferson National was using a product that was too tech-heavy, creating difficulty for the small firm to successfully implement the product. The company looked to FairWarning for a product that worked right out of the box, minimizing the need to call on their IT department for additional resources.

Since then, Jefferson National is able to focus on their mission with a peace of mind knowing they are in compliance with internal data security policies. With FairWarning’s easy to use application, they are able to efficiently monitor data exports and streamline investigations.

“We are very satisfied with FairWarning for Salesforce. It gives us peace of mind.”

“FairWarning helps us monitor data leaving our Salesforce org environment.”

“It’s nice knowing there’s something in the background looking for security policy violations versus us having to have our eyes and ears to the ground searching for them.”