With a need to dramatically simplify their auditing processes and improve security and privacy policies, Community Hospital looked to FairWarning to automate their audit reports, advance patient security and protocols, and streamline their EHR applications.

The challenge

As a growing hospital expanding into a new 140,000-square-foot facility, Community Hospital needed to streamline privacy practices and patient privacy monitoring to create a more secure environment and comply with HIPAA regulations.

As a full-service, acute-care hospital offering world-class medical treatment in a healing, family-centered environment, Community Hospital has always understood that their patients’ health is highly personal. As such, they’ve been committed to protecting patient privacy for generations.

As Community Hospital expanded into a new 140,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, their expert IT team looked at their EHR platforms, manual auditing processes, and security protocols and realized they needed to transform and streamline their current patient privacy practices. They determined the next best step was to implement a more robust patient privacy monitoring system. This would help them maintain a more secure environment and keep up with the ever-changing needs of a growing organization in a highly regulated industry.

Using FairWarning's platform and managed privacy services saved us at least a full day's worth of work every week.

We were impressed with FairWarning because of the breadth of things that they can do. We could look at using FairWarning's products across the board because we have other EHRs, as well. You get more bang for your buck.

To have FairWarning's privacy analyst team that's versed in how all of the programs run and how to analyze all the algorithms -- that's a godsend.

We were delighted that we got a weekly call with Managed Privacy Services. Our team never expected that level of support after we were up and running.

To create a comprehensive culture of patient security and privacy, you need a strategy, innovation, and experience — all traits possessed by Community Hospital’s IT team. Bart Butzine, Community Hospital’s CIO, and Deborah Knott, a nurse of 30 years and the hospital’s Clinical Informatics Analyst, started with a comprehensive assessment of existing auditing processes. By doing this, they found limitations in their primary EHR platform, MEDITECH.

Butzine and Knott also saw that their secondary EHR systems were often disconnected from one another, making it unclear which data was being accessed and by which user. This lack of interoperability and visibility led to time-consuming auditing processes. They realized they needed a more robust patient privacy system across all applications.

The Results

Before FairWarning, the Community Hospital IT team spent hours searching multiple EHR programs, analyzing data, and running logs in the event of a potential incident. After FairWarning’s implementation, Community Hospital’s auditing process was drastically reduced by eight to 10 hours per week — a full day’s work. These time-savings helped transform their privacy program by:

  • Saving staff time with more streamlined EHR system monitoring
  • Enforcing security and privacy protocols
  • Helping the IT team keep up with HIPAA compliance standards
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