As a solutions provider serving highly regulated industries, Fortimize wanted to help its clients monitor who was accessing their sensitive data.

The challenge

Security and compliance were top of mind for Fortimize in order to deliver peace of mind for its clients. Fortimize was looking for a solution that was affordable, could be deployed rapidly, and could provide proactive alerts on abnormal changes to a user’s behavior to ensure its clients that users were not walking away with sensitive data.

Fortimize is a Manhattan-based partner developing and implementing financial services solutions exclusively on the Salesforce Platform. As a solutions provider serving highly regulated industries, it was important for the company to invest its clients’ peace of mind. The company set out to find an application to monitor Salesforce activity and ensure the client that their users were not walking away with sensitive data.

To meet the expectations of their clients, Fortimize needed a solution that was easy-to-implement, would manage and protect their Salesforce data, provide actionable insights, and send alerts to notify the team of issues as they arose. These objectives also needed to meet the rules and regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). After searching the marketplace, Fortimize found FairWarning for Salesforce.

We were looking for a solution that could be deployed rapidly and fit both functionality and our budget.

With FairWarning for Salesforce, we are able to provide our clients with definitive data so that they can make educated executive decisions about their users’ actions.

The FairWarning team has been extremely proactive, supportive, and helpful in each implementation we’ve done. That ensures our client is set up and satisfied with the results.

We set up Salesforce Shield and then implemented FairWarning for Salesforce to provide us and our client with meaningful insights into their user’s activities within Salesforce.

Within two weeks of the initial implementation, Fortimize could generate a high-level report to their clients so they can make educated decisions about their users’ actions. In addition, they were able to build their services profile and provide compliance and governance services to many of their other clients. With FairWarning for Salesforce, Fortimize delivered peace of mind to its clients.

The Results

  • FairWarning for Salesforce was an affordable solution
  • Fortimize experienced fast and easy implementation
  • FairWarning for Salesforce provided actionable data that increased security and compliance
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