Wood County Hospital

FairWarning Lightens Burdens, Increases Efficiency of Hospital CIO / Security Officer

Harried hospital executive finds some relief with FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services

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Executive Summary

Wood County Hospital is a 196-bed, licensed community hospital offering a comprehensive suite of inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital has forged a close partnership with Bowling Green State University, and in 2013 opened a $5 million, 23,000-square-foot health center near campus.

The hospital’s IT staff, just 16 people, is understaffed and overworked—a scenario shared by a great many healthcare organizations. But Wood County’s CIO is also tasked with overseeing the organization’s HIPAA Privacy and Compliance efforts. Help was needed—both with managing HIPAA-related workloads, and with maintaining the constant vigilance necessary in protecting patient data.

FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services now provides that help, significantly reducing the team’s burden. The implementation of FairWarning has also sparked an organization-wide culture change, increasing employee acceptance of the importance of guarding patient data. And the occurrences of privacy breaches have been substantially reduced.

“You can set up different sorts of alerts. What I started with was Neighbor Snooping, VIP Snooping, Employee and Manager Snooping, and Family Snooping.”

“FairWarning has given me a lot of time back.”

*This success story is based on the FairWarning Executive Series Webinar supplied on this page.