Like more than 150,000 companies worldwide, United Capital utilizes Salesforce for managing customer relationships, and for managing a nationwide chain of offices. The United Capital team, however, had little visibility into who might be accessing critical customer data.

The challenge

As the company grew, maintaining vigilance over their data became increasingly difficult. Though Salesforce can provide a massive amount of event log data, sorting through that data is an incredibly time-consuming task.

United Capital’s success is founded upon the company’s revolutionary approach to financial management: Life isn’t about money, money is about life. Instead of viewing investors as walking wallets — the prevailing mindset in the industry at the time of United Capital’s founding — CEO Joe Duran sought to answer a very simple question: “What if we can help people improve their lives by simply making better choices, and by helping them to not be as concerned with their wealth as with their life?”

Initially, United Capital relied upon their own proprietary CRM. However, as the company began to grow dynamically, management was faced with a decision: continue to pour countless resources into maintaining and evolving their proprietary CRM, or partner with Salesforce. Yet financial services companies exist in one of the industries most targeted for data theft. SVP of Technology Brandon Gage knew that United Capital needed to be more proactive in understanding who is accessing company data, and why.

I can be in and out of FairWarning in a few minutes a day and know that I've got a handle on what's occurred [in our Salesforce org].

Salesforce logs a massive amount of data. Proactive event monitoring requires that all that data be watched, all the time — and FairWarning enables just two people to monitor nearly 900 United Capital users.

The Results

  • Proactive Event Monitoring
  • Expansive Alerting Capabilities
  • Priceless Peace of Mind
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