By partnering with FairWarning, MGH has established a stronger and more proactive security program, taking their patient privacy commitment to the next level.

The challenge

MGH wanted to continue to strengthen and streamline their patient privacy and data security programs.

Expanding and improving patient privacy and security platforms takes innovation and a true team effort. When it’s done right, results can be seen across multiple departments.
As MGH’s HIM Operations Manager, Tara Yeaton explains, “Before FairWarning, all of our EHR monitoring would be done manually, making it a very reactive process and difficult to pinpoint users. We didn’t know if it was an employee or a relative the user was looking at.”
After FairWarning’s implementation, Yeaton noticed how “our compliance team felt a greater peace of mind because we knew FairWarning has the visibility and awareness to catch what’s going on and alert us to which staff member or user we need to bring to the forefront.”

There’s no question at all – FairWarning has considerably upped our game and improved our ability to audit and also use our resources more effectively. We know now when we put energy into a case, it’s also going to turn into something.

[FairWarning] has not only drastically improved our compliance with HIPAA for auditing, but it satisfies education and training, as well as reinforcement of policies and follow-through.

The [MPS] privacy analysts are exactly what they said they’d be right from the very beginning. They said that, any time you need them, they’re right there, they’re your people – and they have been. I email them, I get a response within 10 minutes.

After they began monitoring audit logs and user activity workflows with FairWarning, says Chris Simons, MGH’s HIM Director and Privacy Officer, they noticed greater privacy awareness among healthcare staff.

The Results

• Reduced false positives through technology like behavioral correlations.
• More accurate auditing alerts, resulting in proven workflows and proactive detection of privacy breaches and security incidents.
• Increased staff awareness of privacy policies, driving a culture of security and compliance, as well as more effective training and education.
• Saved time and more efficient use of valuable departmental resources through easy-to-use reporting.

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